Patch brings improvements and bug fixes to PS5

Patch brings improvements and bug fixes to PS5

Bandai Namco Announced, this Wednesday (2), releasing a new patch for elden ring, According to a note, following players’ reports, the update will fix a serious crash issue on PS5 Lost your save data while enabling sleep mode,

The 1.02.2 update appears to complement this Update 1.02, made available on Friday (26), to address performance bugs related to a sudden shutdown of the game. Obviously, the patch follows the previous failure and indicates that from software Keeps trying to fix read error problems.

Check the official note about the update given below. playstation 5,

PS5: Change to save game progress even when the game is not closed.

with regard to complications frame rate drops Since the release of Elden Ring, nothing has been officially commented on by the studio.

References to the Elden Ring

Despite the problems, Elden Ring is proving to be a very promising game, as millions of people search the Midlands for secrets. Recently, FromSoftware revealed the existence of an Easter egg inspired by Game of Thrones, conveniently found in Castle Morne. Click here To know more about the reference.

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