Pato praised Djokovic, but backed down after the results – SPORTS

Pato praised Djokovic, but backed down after the results - SPORTS

This Tuesday morning, former Sao Paulo striker and now Orlando City-based Alexandre Pato defended the right of Novak Djokovic, who was banned from playing at the Australian Open, not to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

In the post, the attacker called the immunizer an “experimental sting”, and also called the coronavirus the “Chinese plague”. Pato referred to Noelle as a legend of the sport and a hero to follow in “the resistance movement against totalitarianism”.

Finally, he listed a series of Djokovic’s good deeds, such as financial aid to flood victims in Bosnia and Croatia, as well as helping thousands of families affected by floods in Serbia.

Even with the anti-vaccine speech, Pato also published a photo of him receiving the first dose of an antibody in the United States in April of last year. It is a protocol of Major League Soccer, a professional soccer league in the United States, that requires the vaccination of athletes.

Within minutes, Pato came on the trending topic of Twitter and his post was severely criticized from all sides. Realizing the negative repercussions, the attacker deleted the post and, soon after, issued a statement in which he apologized.

In a message still available in his stories, Pato says he is in favor of a vaccine in the fight against COVID. “I want to make clear the importance of vaccinating all humans. I took my dose right when I was released to do so, and I think it’s important that everyone is able to protect themselves and those people.” Be aware of protecting those who are by their side, the vaccine saves lives,” said the 32-year-old.

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In his return, Pato said that he wanted to “emphasize Djokovic’s human achievements” and his sporting achievements. “When I realized that the placements in the text didn’t match the way I thought, I removed it,” Stryker said.

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