Pax announced the dates of its 2021 individual conference “with optimism”

Pax announced the dates of its 2021 individual conference "with optimism"

Manager of Pax Sports Convention Has announced that it plans to hold individual events next year in the wake of the ongoing coronavirus epidemic.

The Pax team took to Twitter on Saturday, December 6 to announce the dates for several possible 2021 shows between June and December. Temporary dates are: Pax East from June 3-6, Pax West from September 3-6, and Pax Unlug from December 10.

Check out Pax’s statement below.

Pax clarified that the announcement of the dates is now being made to “help partners plan for the coming year so that they can attend, as well as provide an opportunity to start a conversation, how to attend, Connecting panel members, exhibitors and our wider community to these events. ” 7 months away.

Pax was also quick to reassure potential audiences that their safety would be crucial:[If] Covid-19 remains a major obstacle to a safe gathering at any of our shows, we will not do it, or we will make it virtual “, before” we reach the audience, exhibitors, or our guests. ” Don’t risk “an event if things don’t go up and down”.

It was also announced that Pax South would only return in 2022, while Pax A’s 2021 performance dates can be expected in the “next few weeks” as the team continues to work with the Australian Government to monitor the situation. Does.

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This year’s Pax West and Australia events were canceled in June amid a coronavirus epidemic. Instead, a nine-day Pax event online program was announced, which ran from September 12 to 20.

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