PE Public School Students Accepted at 9 US Universities

PE Public School Students Accepted at 9 US Universities

Poor childhood and financial difficulties during adolescence did not prevent Pernambuco student Fred Ramón dos Santos, 20, from achieving his dream: studying in the United States.

After attending elementary and high school in public units, he was approved at nine North American universities.

The young man secured a position at ASU and the University of Arizona, Arizona; at Manhattanville College and Adelphi University in New York; La Verne University and Whittier College, both also in California; Accepted to Florida Tech and Stetson University, Florida; In addition to Temple University located in Pennsylvania.

Among them, you have already made your choice. In August, he travels to Los Angeles, California, where he will study computer science and global studies at Whittier College.

“I chose Whittier College because it was the college that gave me the biggest scholarships,” he says.

“In Los Angeles, I can implement a project of expression with US agencies that are opening up to run training and financing programs for small and medium businesses for unemployed families in low-income communities in Pernambuco and the Northeast. “

Fred devised a strategy to achieve his desire. Began to lead extra-curricular projects.

“American universities place a lot of importance on what you’re out of classes. So, I’ve participated in social movements since I was 16. Selections take these tasks very seriously,” he said. said.

During the pandemic, Fred prepared to reach average in US entrance exams and English tests.

“I managed to stay above average. They told me I had to get at least 95. I got 105 marks out of a total of 160,” he said.

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Fred invests in extra-curricular activities to help with selection processes

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it was not easy. He was torn between studies and the need for help around the house.

His mother is a cleaning lady and the family resources are meager. To earn extra money, he became a teacher of English on a digital platform during the pandemic.

When she worked as a dance teacher in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, she had already studied the language in free courses and had mastered her English.

My study routine was from 8 am to 6 pm daily. I left my studies just to teach on the platform.
Fred Ramon dos Santos, Student

His mother, Sylvia dos Santos, is all praise: “He’s a fighter. I’ve always been proud of him because he’s studious, hardworking and goes after what he wants. I’m sure my son will do whatever he wants.” wants to get it.”

“I want to look for alternatives for young people. Show that standing is possible. Students send a hundred resumes today and they don’t get called. They have no jobs. We need to replace this reality with opportunities.” Yes,” said the young man.

Now he is awaiting a response from the Investment Fund for Foreign Students. This will pay for the part of the monthly fee that the scholarship does not cover, approximately US$31,000 (or approximately R$158,000).

In addition to investments, he created a virtual kitty to help raise funds more quickly (

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