Pedro Castillo: Learn more about the elected President of Peru | world

Pedro Castillo: Learn more about the elected President of Peru |  world

Pedro Castillo celebrates the election as President of Peru this Monday (19), after more than a month of impasse. – Photo: AP Photo / Guadalupe Prado

the castle was New President of Peru announced On Monday night (19), more than 40 days after the election. that’s because Keiko Fujimori, Opponent Candidates, Submitted Resources. Until the evaluation of all these requests ended without indicating any fraud, the Peruvian justice could not make official the victory of the leftist candidate. The inauguration is to take place on July 28.

The new President of Peru was born in the small Andean city of Puna, in the Chhota Province. where the locals usually wear wide-brimmed hats, as worn by Castillo on his travels And even in the only presidential debate that took place in this campaign. He went to vote on horseback in the Andean region of Cajamarca, where he lives.

The elected president became known on the national scene in 2017. After leading a nearly three-month teacher strike demanding teacher pay hike. In the campaign, he promised increases and “free access to universities” for public professorships. so much so that his sign was a pencil.

Pedro Castillo, Peru’s elected president, in a June 15 photo while still awaiting the court’s decision – Photo: Martin Mejia/Archivo/AP Photo

Castillo promised to deactivate the Constitutional Court at the start of the campaign, saying the country’s highest court defended “great corruption”. He also threatened to shut down the Congress if the MPs did not accept his plans.

During the presidential race, however, Castillo changed his tune and promised to abide by the constitution “while it is in force” but said he would seek a new Constituent Assembly if elected.

With regard to customs, Castillo takes a more conservative stance: They have refused to legalize abortion, opposes a “gender focus” on education and has been reluctant to recognize the rights of sexual minorities.

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