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Nancy Pelosi, chair of the United States Chamber of Representatives, promised on Sunday, 14, that Congress would work quickly to evaluate the package of jobs and infrastructure. Democrats said the measure would be “soundless”, but acknowledged that he did not know whether the text would attract Republican support.

Pelosi said in an interview to North American TV, “Projects for the construction of roads, bridges, and water supply systems have always been bipartisan, except when lawmakers opposed the Democratic president, as it did in the Obama administration.” ABC. “But still, we hope to get support from both sides,” he said.

Democrats instructed their party’s top lawmakers to work with Republicans on a “large, bold and transformative infrastructure package”.

During the presidential campaign, President Joe Biden laid the groundwork by proposing $ 2 trillion in “accelerated” investments focused on clean energy. The measure also includes support for public transport and repair of roads and bridges. In addition, the plan emphasizes the importance of creating unionized jobs and tackling climate change.

Pelosi refused to say whether the legislation would require the tax to be increased. He stressed that Congress would explore all options, including generating revenue similar to the Obama administration’s Build America titles.

“The project is on broadband, water systems, public transport, schools and housing,” the MP said. “Therefore, the goal is to promote good development, create well-paid employment, while protecting our planet and staying healthily healthy,” said the president of the Chamber.

Senator Tom Carper, Senate Environment and Public Works Committee chairman and Chamber Transport and Infrastructure Committee leader Deputy Peter DeFazio are expected to approve the bill in their committees in May. Both are Democrats. “It will be green and it will be big,” DiFazio said associated Press.

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Republican Senator John Barraso of Wyoming said he would like to see bipartisan support for infrastructure legislation. But, he said the Chamber, in its previous formation of Congress, revised the Senate-approved US $ 287 billion bill, preventing the approval of the text by his party.

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