Permission to upload 4K images to iOS and Android

Permission to upload 4K images to iOS and Android

ZETIZEN RADAR CIREBON – Twitter, get ready to tweet with each other for social media platforms, just you will get better in your eyes. Because recently, the company behind the development of social media has finally allowed its users to upgrade the quality of photos being uploaded to 4K on iOS and Android. (mrg)

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Twitter Web previously supported a higher image resolution of 4096 × 4096 maximum resolution, but mobile users who are the main Twitter users can only upload half of that resolution. The big social media company was finally able to upgrade the resolution in an update released today.

To use this feature, users can enter “data usage” settings in the Twitter application on your smartphone. They also allow “high quality image” and “high quality image upload” to increase the photo resolution of photos uploaded and displayed by your mutual.

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Users can choose when a high-quality image will be displayed. When using either data package, wifi or completely disabled. Of course, quota usage will increase, but the pictures shown for your evening activities will be clear.

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