Petrobras resumes processes for sale of three refineries Economy

Petrobras resumes processes for sale of three refineries  Economy

Petrobras announced this Monday (27) that it will restart the sales processes of the Abru e Lima (Renest) refineries in Pernambuco, Presidente Getulio Vargas (Reaper) in Paraná, and Alberto Pasqualini (REFAP) in Rio Grande do Sul . South

The Abru e Lima refinery is located in the Suep complex on the southern coast of Pernambuco – Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

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The announcement of the sale of the refineries comes on the same day that Petrobras’ board of directors elected Caio Paes de Andrade as the company’s new chairman.

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In the past, there was no interest in the three refineries that were put up for resale. In August, for example, the company ended the process of selling the Abru e Lima refinery.

In addition to the sale of three refineries, Petrobras’ refining disinvestment plan includes:

  • shell industrialization unit (six);
  • Landulfo Alves Refinery (RLM);
  • Gabriel Passos Refinery (Regap);
  • Isaac Sabba Refinery (Ramen) and;
  • Northeast Oil Products and Lubricants (Lubner).

According to Petrobras, the sale of Rlam was concluded in November last year, and Ramon, Lubnor and SIX refineries have already signed purchase and sale agreements. Finally, Regap is still in the binding phase.

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Petrobras’ board of directors approves the name of Caio Paes de Andrade

who is the new president

Paes de Andrade replaced Jose Mauro Coelho in charge of the company. Mauro Coelho resigned on 20 June after being pressured by the Jair Bolsonaro government over high fuel prices.

However, the option was against the defined legal procedures for substitution. Petrobras’s National Association of Petroleum Workers Minority Shareholders (ANAPETRO) states that Paes d’Andrade “has no notorious knowledge in this area, other than having a degree in social communication, with no experience in the oil and energy sector”. .

Paes d’Andrade was the secretary of debureaucratization in the Ministry of Economy. He has a degree in social communication from Universidad Paulista, a master’s degree in administration and management from Harvard University and a master’s degree in business administration from Duke University in the United States.

Andrade has also been the chairman-director of the Federal Data Processing Service (Serpro), a public information technology company, for example, for sorting emergency assistance records.

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