Pfizer will reduce vaccine delivery speed in Europe

Pfizer will reduce vaccine delivery speed in Europe

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Pfizer will reduce the delivery speed of its vaccines in Europe from next week. information Posted on this Friday (15) By the government of Norway.

“For Norway, that means in week 3 [de vacinação] We will get 7 800 doses less of Pfizer than before ”, Said Geir Bokholm, director of infection control and prevention at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

Bokholm said he was informed this morning.

The institute claims to have prepared for this claim with emergency stock, so that planned vaccines could be distributed to municipalities and health services.

The shortage, according to the Norwegian government, is due to a restructuring at Pfizer to upgrade production capacity. When it is completed, the company will be able to increase production from 1.3 billion to 2 billion doses per year.

The temporary reduction will affect all European countries and it is not yet known when the company will return to full capacity.

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