Photos: The alignment between Jupiter and Saturn can be seen in Fortaleza. The fort

Photos: The alignment between Jupiter and Saturn can be seen in Fortaleza.  The fort

FORTALEZA, CE, BRASIL, 21.12.2020: Jupiter and Saturn are seen with the naked eye on the Sea of ​​Aigres. Phenomenon is called the Great Conjunction (Photo: Aurelio Alves)

It reached its peak on this 21st Monday Alignment between the two largest planets in the solar system: Jupiter and Saturn. The event is a rare occurrence and attracts attention for its striking visuals. With the naked eye, viewers could see the two planets as if they were a large and bright star, above all, people close to the equator and in open places, with a clear and cloudless night sky. This incident can be seen from last Wednesday, 16, But it reached Tej’s peak on Monday.

Photo reporter from The people The incident was recorded in the sky of Fortaleza. View photo gallery:

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While it dates back to Monday, December 21, the longest day of the year in the Southern Hemisphere, known as the Summer Solstice, even due to the night, the alignment is known as the main alignment. . According to Christian tradition, in reference to a biblical event announcing the birth of Jesus Christ to three wise men of Jesus Christ, the event is also called “Estrella de Belm”, due to the aesthetics of the event.

Was sent by Phenomenon Sira da Siosia on the Sierra Federal University of Serra (UFC) YouTube channel, With the presence of teachers in the area.

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