Phyllis repeats the crime with Jean Segura and Rhys Hoskins in Figo Go

Rice Hoskins, Jay Bruce and Jean Segura provided the offense and Spencer Howard won his first major-league pitcher as the Phillies won the Washington Citizens 8-6 at Citizen Bank Park on Monday night.

The win, after losing to Atlanta on Sunday night, was Phyllis’ sixth in seven games.

The Phils are 15-15 with 30 games to play in the sprint season. They are still on track to reach Bryce Harper’s goal of 9 wins in 10 games. He said in the record that it was for him that Phillies needed to turn things around after losing their fifth consecutive game on August 22 in Atlanta.

The Phillies will play three more games this week against the defending World Series champions this season.

Washington is 12-20.

Howard’s Night

The fraudulent right-hand man showed no side effects from the 11-day cut. His first four outs were strikes. He went five innings and gave up five hits and two runs. The runs came in the fifth inning when Howard awarded a run to Traina Turner and a homer to Juan Soto, who scored two runs in the game.

Romero shines

Rookie JoJo Romero did well to secure a 6-2 lead after Howard’s departure. Romero had four outings, two strikes. He joined the club after striking out 6 strikeouts and one walk in 6 non-hit innings. He is throwing the ball with confidence.

The Phillies will need to clear a spot on the 28-man roster to add David Phelps on Tuesday. It would be easy for Romero to opt out to clear that roster spot, but he is throwing so well that Phillies may have to come up with another solution.

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Hunter on a roll

Tommy Hunter made four important outs to save the lead, including three in the eighth. Out of the eight, two outs came in second and third with runners.

In his last eight appearances, Hunter conceded just one run in 90 innings. He has only one run and he has hit eight in that time.

There is something to think about.

Hot butt

Hoskins and Segura are picking up some slack as Harper and Jetty Realmuto get a little cold.

Hoskins added a lone homer in the first innings and two runs in the seventh. He played in three straight games and four of the last five. He has eight RBIs in his last three games.

Segura hit a three-run double in the fourth, giving him eight RBIs in the last six matches.

Bruce came from IL to host the second innings.

Power show

The Phillies killed 41 homers in August. It was only the 14th time in the club’s history that they reached 40 homers in a single month.

Top three months for Phillies Homers:

46 – September 2019

44 – June 2004

43 – August 2009

A Bulpan remake

Most of the original cast is gone. A closer look.

despite this …

Health Hambury and Brandon Workman, two new bulldogs, combined to give up three homers to bring the game as close as it should.


They are all Right here.


Aaron Nola (3-2, 3.00) played Tuesday night against Washington’s Lifa Patrick Corbin (2-2, 3.82).

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