Pixel 6 and 6 Pro: Google Camera hints at possible news for 2021 line

Pixel 6 and 6 Pro: Google Camera hints at possible news for 2021 line

Pixel 6 cell phone with new Tensor processor has already been announced by Google And today the next release of the Search Giants by Google Camera app revealed new features of the cameras, which were reviewed by the developers of the XDA Forum. Now see what to expect from them.

Starting with the possible specifications of the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro cameras, we have the following sheet:

  • Front Camera:
    • Pixel 6: 8MP
    • Pixel 6 Pro: 12MP Sony IMX663
  • Main Camera:
    • Samsung GN1 50MP
    • Sony IMX386 12MP Ultra Wide Angle
    • Sony IMX586 48MP telephoto with 4x zoom (Pixel 6 Pro only)

Coming to the specs, it has to be said that as per the lines of code from Google Camera, the Pixel 6 Pro should have a wide angle camera with 0.7x and 1.0x zoom levels.

Coming to the rear camera, XDA claims the Pixel 6 Pro should support 4K Video Recording at 60FPS, but that capability should be limited to the main camera, and others should be limited to 4K at 30FPS and zoomed in to a maximum of 7x on all of them. It is also said that it is possible to switch between all the cameras in this recording mode.

One feature that is not yet ready in the Google Camera code is manual white balance. With this the new controls should be displayed in the main interface of the application allowing the photographer to adjust a number of parameters to make the experience more professional.

In addition to manual white balance, the Pixel 6 should also have a feature called magic rubber, which removes objects obstructing key elements of photography through artificial intelligence added to the tensor chip’s TPU.

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There is another interesting mention in the code “scene lock“, which was found in a few lines of code. XDA said they couldn’t figure out what the “Scene Lock” function is, but it’s probably related to Focus or the way the camera app works.

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is a good feature debler facial, which must use the main camera with Ultra Wide Angle to capture more details of the face by combining multiple images taken in sequence with the Tensor chip’s GPU to create one in HDR with more definition.

Speaking of selfies, the Google Pixel 6 should get Improved lighting when using the front cameraAfter all, it doesn’t have a flash to assist this sensor. In addition, the rear flash may blink when taking a countdown picture, thus indicating when it has been captured.

There is another improvement in portrait mode as indicated in the lines of code “Spotlight on Portraits“Joe can bring extra lights to photos with AI to create studio effects and even remove backgrounds from images and replace it with those generated by the tensor chip.

should also come with reforms”Recurrent Facials V2“, which should get major improvements with the Tensor chip’s TPU. As a reminder, Frequent Face is able to identify people you shoot multiple times and focus on them when you take a picture.

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And not only that, the Pixel 6 should be Compatible with Bluetooth Accessory Microphone, a new mod for Top Shop, codenamed for now”Neema Aesthetic“and even one”baby mode“, which will be dedicated to automatically capturing children’s images by detecting the best angle.

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There’s even a mention of a “motion blur” mode, which creates artificial blurs, and has already been seen in Google Camera 7.5 lines codenamed “lasagna”.

google pixel 7

Finally, the Google Camera code also referred to the next release of the line: the Pixel 7, referred to as “Pixel2022” and “PixelPipit”, the latter referring to a species of bird.

It is interesting to note that the code only speaks of Pixel 7 and not Pixel 7 Pro, will we have only one smartphone next year? Unfortunately it’s still too early to conclude anything about it, but we expect to see more about it in future versions of Google Camera.

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