Plain black box crashed in Indonesia. world

Plain black box crashed in Indonesia.  world

“We are located in black boxes, both,” said Sorgento Thajanto, head of the Security Committee, which is part of the Ministry of Transport.

He said, “The divers are going to start looking for them and I hope it won’t be long before they find them.”

On Sunday too, Jakarta Police confirmed this Parts of the baggage and bodies were found In areas where the last flight signals were emitted.

“This morning we found two suitcases, one with passengers’ belongings and the other with body parts,” Jakarta police spokesman Yusri Younus told Metro TV. “Police are working to identify them,” he said.

Rescue ships, armies, helicopters and divers work in search of survivors. The materials found are being taken to a first aid post at the main port of Jakarta.

Divers search for survivors of Indonesia’s plane crash

According to the special website FlightRadar24, the aircraft flew 182 more Lost at altitude of over 10,000 feet in less than a minute On the island of Borneo, heading to the city of Pontianak. At 4:40 am (Brasilia time; 2:40 am in Jakarta), Boeing disappeared.

The journey will take about an hour and 30 minutes. The aircraft carried 50 passengers and 12 crew.

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There is no evidence to determine the cause. The airline’s CEO said the aircraft was in good condition.

Therefore, it is a model before the 737 MAX, a line of Boeing aircraft that recently suffered two serious accidents. One of them, with one Lion Air Aircraft in 2018, Originated in Indonesia.

The tragedy caused disruptions in flights with type planes. Only at the end of last year Aviation officials have started allowing operations to resume 737 with Max.

Boeing 737-500 of NAM Air, a subsidiary of Sriwijaya Air. This Saturday (9) is like the model disappearing from the radar – Photo: Reproduction / Srivijay Air

MAP: Location of Srivijay Air Plane Missing in Indonesia – Photo: G1 Mundo

MAP: Planned Route of Missing SJ182 in Indonesia – Photo: G1 World

INFOGRAPHIC: Boeing 737-500, aircraft model crashed in Indonesia this Saturday (9) – Photo: Guilherme Pinheiro / Arte / G1

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