Planes reboot like computers, otherwise they cannot crash

Planes reboot like computers, otherwise they cannot crash

Last spring, United States Federal Aviation Administration Requested the pilots Boeing 787 Resume planes Every 51 days To prevent catastrophic failures that can cause a ship to fail. The purpose of this restart is to prevent the data that remains stationary on the aircraft from saturating the memory and processing capacity of on-board computers, something that has already happened on many occasions in aircraft of this type.

Inaccurate data that can cause crashes

In the event of passage of more than 51 days, the pilot can see Incorrect flight dataIncluding aircraft speed, airspeed, altitude, or engine operating data. A loud and alert sound can also stop working. Any failure in these figures can have serious consequences on a flight.

51 days may seem like a long time, but it is not uncommon to fly planes non-stop for weeks to pay your purchase as soon as possible. In the event that there is a night when you are not flying, the aircraft can stay connected while maintenance is being done.

The fault lies in Common Core System (CCS), Which stops validating data coming from the date Aircraft Internal CDN, The way Boeing calls it Red de ethernet He goes by plane. The system is built under a more robust standard than our homes, called ARINC 664. The system that validates the data may stop detecting the moment in which it originates, so the temperature or speed reading may occur minutes or hours earlier.

787 in Japan caught fire in 2014 Battery failure, Whose sensor was accumulating the wrong temperature. In Poland, Autopilot suddenly decided it was halfway through the previous flight, and maneuvered itself back to the “right” path.

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The restart is usually done with the aircraft on the ground

These failures are, unfortunately, usually quite common, where the 787 suffered a similar failure, requiring a reboot every 248 days, or because of the failure of the 4 power generators that drive it. May discontinue mid-flight, of which it only occurs. 30-60 minutes of battery is available until the power runs. The Airbus A350 also required a reboot every 149 hours until the patch was released to fix it.

Stopping an aircraft is fast, because it only takes a short time 30 seconds, And it can also be done in between flights. However, it is best to do this on the ground, as the lights and screens are turned off upon restart. Imagine if a turbulent situation occurs in the middle. So when you are boarding a plane, you see that The light goes on again and again After a while, it would be that they have resumed it.

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