Planets and Saturn have been closely aligned for 800 years

Planets and Saturn have been closely aligned for 800 years

Stargazers, be prepared for an incredibly rare event, because according to astronomers, the planets of Jupiter and Saturn have been converging in the night sky since the Middle Ages.

As the sun sets at the beginning of the day for the sign of winter – this is December 21 for the non-gods – those who look up to heaven will see the planet and Saturn sitting together in the sky which life has never seen before.

This is the first time this particular adaptation has happened for 800 years, to be more precise. It will happen sooner than that, but this time you will be better off catching it.

Rice University astronomer Patrick Hartigan released a statement about this fascinating celestial phenomenon.

Credit: P.A.

Hartigan states: “The two planets have very little in common, once every 20 years, but this combination is rare because of how close the planets are to each other.

“You have to go back before the morning of March 4, 1226, to see a close correlation between these things visible in the night sky.”

Imagine that. Standing out of your circle in 1226, looking up at the sky, you probably have no idea what you’re looking at and – presumably – really have no way of following it.

Summers are now slowly approaching each other, and they will begin to reach their peak between December 16 and Christmas Day, presumably in the winter coincidence of the above.

Credit: P.A.
Credit: P.A.
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Hartigan continued: “On the evening of the approaching December 21, they will appear as a double planet, separating the full moon by only 1/5 of the diameter.

“For most telescope viewers, each planet and its many large moons will appear in the same evening view.”

This intricate confrontation between the planets should be visible to most weather-permitting people on Earth, but it will be best seen near the equator, and about an hour after sunset when the planets appear in the sky to the west.

As we mentioned, this time you will be given the best service to catch it, as this will be the last time you will see it until 2080.

After that, it’s going to be 2400, so now is the time if you want to make sure to catch this rare astronomical event.

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