Players figure out how to “pause” the game

Players figure out how to “pause” the game

elden ring There is no “pause” button for players to be able to rest during gameplay. However, fans have found a way to make the feature work, without using mods or bugs. With the use of RPG’s own menu, it is possible to stop the action.

Whether in the middle of an uphill battle or just exploring the Midlands, when opening inventory, an option to display an explanation of commands provides a break from gameplay. A netizen showed the process in a video:

guess what? The Elden Ring has a pause button. Just open “Menu Explanation” on the inventory screen. It’s not a meme, it actually works!

The tool is for those who need help when interacting with a stock of items. FromSoftware has not commented on whether this shortcut was described as a bug or something unintentional, which eventually came to the attention of Elden Ring players.

Player Elden Ring . Rebuilds Sekiro’s boss in

Using the Elden Ring crafting mode, a player created a taint similar to Genichiro Ashina, one of the bosses. Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice, View the result of a combination of skills and appearance click here,

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