Playoffs – NFL sets up five home teams for 2022 international games

NFL International Series 2022 Munique

The NFL on Monday (28) revealed the five teams that will play games outside the United States in 2022. The list includes the Green Bay Packers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Arizona Cardinals, Jacksonville Jaguars and New Orleans Saints.

Earlier this month, the NFL announced that five games would be played outside the United States, spread across three different countries. In addition to the traditional matches played in the United Kingdom, the league’s international calendar was expanded with the return of Mexico and the introduction of Germany.

The Jaguars are home to the team’s annual visit to London’s Wembley Stadium. The other two games to be played in the British capital will take place at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, and Green Bay will be home to the Packers and New Orleans Saints. The Packers will be the 32nd team in the league to play in London.

In Mexico City, the Cardinals will be home. In 2005, in the NFL’s first international game valid for the regular season, the Arizona team was also the home team to Mexican territory.

Already at the start of the NFL in Germany, in Munich, the Buccaneers would be the principal. The five visiting teams will be announced at a later date, as the regular season calendar reveals.

Peter O’Reilly, executive vice president of business and programs for the NFL, celebrated the expansion of the international calendar into 2022.

“We are very excited to be producing five games outside the United States in 2022, and we thank the clubs for their continued commitment to the international development of the sport. Our fan leagues in Germany, Mexico and the UK are among the largest. Looking forward to seeing the big names and stars and enjoying the incredible events.”

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