Plumber gets over R$3 million on wall of famous pastor’s church

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A plumber found $3.3 million hidden in the wall of the church of Joel Osteen, a famous TV pastor and author and televangelist from the United States. The discovery took place at Lakewood Church Temple, which is located in Houston, Texas.

According to the information received from the Deadline website, this amount was deposited in about 500 envelopes. The amount was discovered when a plumber was repairing a loose toilet.

In an interview, the plumber said that, when making repairs, it was necessary to remove a “little separation”. At that moment the envelope fell from the wall. “I was like, ‘Whoa! They said.

According to the plumber, he handed over all the envelopes to the supervisor responsible for the work. As a result, the Houston Police Department was called and found that there were cash, checks and money orders inside.

Local police are now working to determine whether the money is part of the US$600,000 (about $3.3 million) that disappeared from Lakewood’s treasury in a 2014 robbery because of the dates shown on the check.

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