Police confiscated Ayesha Sultana’s mobile phone Lakshadweep Police confiscated Ayesha Sultana’s mobile phone.

Police confiscated Ayesha Sultana's mobile phone Lakshadweep Police confiscated Ayesha Sultana's mobile phone.

Kochi: The Lakshadweep Police has confiscated the mobile phone of Ayesha Sultana. The Kavaratti police confiscated the phone after it was called for questioning. Ashsultana replied that she was not informed in advance about the seizure of the phone. She said she was not given a chance to write down her phone number or speak to a lawyer.

Police have summoned Ayesha Sultana for questioning in the case of sedition after a biopsy reference made in a channel discussion.

Meanwhile, the High Court had granted anticipatory bail to Ayesha Sultana. After this the police confiscated the mobile phone. Earlier, the High Court had given interim relief from arrest to Ayesha Sultana. The anticipatory bail plea was also modified to deliver the verdict.

The High Court held that the matter is prima facie not valid. Ayesha Sultana is not a person with a criminal background. The court had earlier ruled that the reference to the bioweapon was not treason.

Ayesha Sultana criticized the paid rupee, raised the criticism Fascism is no longer tolerated by the island community. Ayesha writes on Facebook that she has strong resistance to things. and figs.

Ayesha accused Channel Sultan of sedition for criticizing Lakshadweep administrator Praful Patel. Following the complaint of the BJP Lakshadweep President, the police took the matter into their own hands. Kavaratti police has interrogated Ayesha Sultana thrice in this case.

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