Popo gets excited about the chance to fight Whindson: ‘It’s not a joke’ – 01/09/2021

Popo gets excited about the chance to fight Whindson: 'It's not a joke' - 01/09/2021

When the 2020 lights were about to go out, the world of fights and social networks were taken by surprise, and four-time world boxing champion Acilino ‘Popo’ Freitas to YouTuber was surprised by the challenge accepted by Watson Nunes. . The return of great legends of great art, as well as the entry of celebrities into the sport, is not an isolated movement, and there are already a few cases around the world – the most famous of them being the confrontation between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. . Nevertheless, it was natural to see the yellow-green version with suspicion.

But unusual disputes should really happen. In an exclusive interview with Ag fighting, The former Bahian boxer, who made his final appearance as a professional in 2017, confirmed his interest in the exhibition’s fight with the comedian, elaborating the process that challenged him. The curious thing is that, in the first contact with Whindson, the possibility of him being trained by Popo for another fight was considered. In the end, it may be that both of them actually go to the ring.

“Mike Tyson did it with Roy Jones Jr., it was like a sparse. And he went into boxing all over the world. He was a 54-year-old boy and a 51-year-old boy, it’s a hat-trick. Whindson. Accepted, so not to move the game to Brazil as well? ”, The former world champion, who is now 45 years old.

Why not show people that the comic guy just doesn’t know how to do it? How do I know how to do countless things. Whindson is one of the best comedians in the country, he has as many followers as he has. And people will stop watching … ‘Ah, that’s a joke.’ No, this is not a joke. It is rare. As it was training in the gym, we were getting ready to fight someone. “
Asino “Popo” Freitas

Whindson’s initial idea – which was already tested in the ring in an amateur boxing match in 2019 – was to challenge YouTuber Logan Paul, one of the pioneers in the entry of celebrities into the sport. Although already determined to face American Floyd Mayweather, considered by many to be the greatest boxer of all time, Bahian had the idea of ​​calling the comedian, 26, in a green-yellow version of the duel.

“Last year I was in a gym and he (Whindson), incidentally, was there too. We played and everything. He said that he already had an amateur fight and that he was a man from Youtube (Logan Paul) Wanted to be challenged. ” He said: ‘Are you training me?’ And I replied: ‘Absolutely. We see how the boy is and make preparations on him. Only we saw him only once, it was just contact there. When it was now, he presented a challenge to the man, but the man had already made a contract with (Floyd) Mayweather. So I replied and said: ‘I challenge you, I know you can’t take a job of mine. Since you want to fight, play boxing, “” he remembered.

Fight in ‘april or may’

Signing the contract to take place depends only on the arrival of youtuber’s representative Kaka Diniz in Brazil. Whindson’s manager is on leave in the United States and as he returns to the country, he must have a meeting with the boxing legend to get all the details right.

But, according to Popo, the fight should take place between April or May of this year. By then, the ex-boxer hopes vaccination against coronaviruses will be advanced, because in this way, the show may have a public appearance. In addition, Bahian stated that he intended to fill the event card with early skirmishes of great prominence and, thus, give a chance to new talents in national boxing.

“I am waiting for my manager, who is Kaka (Diniz). He is on vacation in the United States this week, he is coming this week. And he is going to give me everything, how will it be. We will An ideal contract is going to be drawn. The former champion said, “Perhaps Whindson should do it through his channel. And let it be done. Come on, play, promote your game. Let’s see what will happen. If we can build a business at the top, then. ”Reveal some of your plans for the event.

“There are a lot of talents in our country that can make some top priorities, really tough. Our idea is, this is to give top people (sports) an opportunity to alumni. It will likely be in April or May . We don’t have a place yet, we haven’t said anything about it yet. I don’t know if we’ll have the vaccine (for coronovirus) since then. If it’s not, it’s a little Could be in a place that has no public. Be in an area for 50 or 60 thousand people (if you already have a vaccine), “she pointed out.

special care

In addition to details about the promotion of the event, some precautions about the fight, in particular, need to be discussed between the parties. The discrepancy in skill between a former world boxing champion and a youtuber, even in an exhibition fight, suggests that some special rules and protections may be adopted by the show’s organizers. Regarding the issue, Popo indicated that some measures, such as longer gloves and shorter goals, could be solutions to ensure Whinderson’s safety.

I don’t know if she’s going to head protection, but I don’t. I will not use it. I know that gloves are going to be big, definitely. It would be like walking into the gym. And it could also possibly reduce the number and time of rounds, as in the battle of Mike Tyson, who was two minutes into eight rounds. “

Between 1995 and 2007, in professional boxing, Ekelino ‘Popo’ Freitas competed, followed by three more matches, at intervals of more than three years. In total, Bahian, also known as ‘Mao de Pedra’, scored 41 wins and only two in his entire career, in addition to being a world winner in the Super Feathers by the WBO (World Boxing Organization) and the WBA (Association). Failures have earned. Boxing World Cup), and lightweight, by WBO.

Popo Belt - Press Release - Press Release

Belt of Acelino “Popo” Freitas: Bahian won four in two weight classes in boxing

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