Portugal government extends visa facility for foreigners in search of work – Mundo

Portugal government extends visa facility for foreigners in search of work - Mundo

The Portuguese government last Wednesday (15) in the Council of Ministers approved a new typology of Visaintend for looking for work, The document, according to the international press, allows access Foreigners in Portuguese territory who want to work there for maximum six months,

Visa clearance process for foreigners participating in university education And want to work in Portugal. “Above all, there is convenience in issuing visas”, says the newspaper TSF,

According to other Portuguese magazines it aims to overcome the manpower shortage in the country. However, the government denies that it is looking for “cheap labour”. According to Ana Katarina Mendes, Deputy Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, the intention was even raise the minimum wage “To all who come here and to all who come here”.

residence permit

In addition, the Portuguese government decided to authorize the granting of a temporary stay or residence visa to remote service professionals outside the country, the so-called “digital nomads”, for the practice of subordinate or independent activity.

legalize family

Another innovation was announced is that foreign nationals who live in Portugal and intend to move their families to live together will be able to do so without having previously been legalized.

“The idea is that one can call the family and everyone can benefit from the visa,” said Anna Caterina Mendes.

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