‘Post-Caboclo’, CBF try to keep Tite and Copa America

'Post-Caboclo', CBF try to keep Tite and Copa America

The façade of the CBF building in Rio de Janeiro (Buda Mendes/Getty Images)

after the announcement of Removal of Rosario Caboclo, checked by Sexual and moral harassment reportsThe Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) takes steps to keep Tite in charge of the Brazilian team and ensure that the Copa America is held in the country. information is from globe sports.

Under the command of Antonio Carlos Nunes, better known as Colonel Nunes, the political group that still has ties to Marco Polo del Niro, with its national team, CONMEBOL, South American Federations and Federal, also has rough edges. wants to work on. Government.

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According to journalists Gabriela Moreira and Martin Fernandez, there is an assessment that Tait has managed the crisis that has emerged in recent days well and the players are united with the coach, something that was evident during Selecao’s win over Ecuador last Friday. done. ), in a game valid for the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers.

Over the weekend, speculation surfaced that Caboco had promised (non-party) president Jair Bolsonaro that he would fire Tite, who supports the players’ position of not playing in the Copa America. To make room for Renato Gaucho, a notorious supporter of Bolsonaro.

Who is the interim chairman of CBF?

Antonio Carlos Nunes, a retired colonel of Para’s Military Police, is 82 years old and has temporarily assumed the Confederation as the oldest vice-president of Caboco’s administration. This is not the first time he has run CBF.

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From February 2017 to April 2019 he held the most important position in Brazilian football. Marco Polo joined after Del Niro was banned from football. When Cabocolo took office, he left.

Before that, he had already spent 150 days in the role, in 2016, when Del Niro graduated after being indicted by US courts in the case, which became known as FIFAGate.

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