Potenza breaks records with a focus on experiences for private customers

Potenza breaks records with a focus on experiences for private customers

The first four months of 2021 were consolidated for many achievements Power investmentsAn independent financial services office decided to switch to XP in July 2020 after two years at BTG Pactual. The first achievement was announced to the board: Potenza is the office that comes from XP Investos, the earliest managed to convert a client portfolio into BTG Pactual Bank.

“All the assets we have at XP managed to convert BTG Bank just five months to 100 days before the target,” celebrates Potenza CEO Gabriel Rodrigues. “There’s more: we almost double the average amount invested by each customer”.

And speaking of customers, they were the ones who landed Potenza in the best office position in the BTG Pactual Service Quality Rankings in March, using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology to assess the satisfaction of those who hired them. Uses. Developed at Harvard University in the United States, this metric indicates the degree of customer loyalty and enables long-term growth of the company based on good relationships.

To crown the good phase and demonstrate its commitment to future plans, Potenza relocated to a new headquarters, one of Avenida Juselino Kubitschek’s buildings, in São Paulo, in the heart of Itam Bibi, where it opened a Service offering launched even more exclusive experience for its target audience, the private banking segment. “The new headquarters consolidates our customized service model, focusing on customer wants and needs”, says Gabriel Rodrigues.

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These results are also the result of BTG Pactual’s adaptation of the investment platform in the segment in which its office operates. “BTG is private in DNA,” says Gabriel Rodrigues. “Being on this platform allows us to gain access to differentiated products and solutions for our clients”.

Potenza’s new headquarters in São Paulo: on the roof of one of the buildings on Avenida Juscelino Kubitschek, the office began to provide an even more exclusive service experience

Potenza’s new headquarters in São Paulo: On the roof of one of Avenida Juselino Kubitsek’s buildings, the office began offering an even more exclusive service experience (Potenza Investimentos / Dévolution)

360 degree solution

Compared to financial products, Potenza offers 360 degree solutions that include the areas of debt, debt structure, asset protection, succession guidance, M&A (mergers and acquisitions), foreign exchange and risk management. “Our mission is to maintain the business with the best service, freedom and focus on what the customer really needs”, says the CEO.

One team focused on product strategy and allocation guides that explore advisors to make a strong diagnosis and find out what the customer needs, opening up a range of solutions, for example, succession in family businesses. Case. There are situations in which entrepreneurial patriarchy and matriarchal find themselves in a dilemma between hiring a CEO or transferring business management to successors, who are not always willing or ready for the mission. This is where Potenza suggests, which may include anything from a liquidity scheme or even the entry of an investor partner.

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Gabriel Rodrigues says, “And we can deliver this type of service only to the most sophisticated customer because he believes in our freedom and our training.” “We don’t have a ‘menu’, but rather, trained professionals who work together on how they can help the client’s financial life, whether it is a person or a company”.

rapid expansion

Based on these operating pillars, Potenza is experiencing a qualified and continuous expansion to attract assets and open new branches. In April it occupied more than 50% in March, and currently has four offices in the interior of São Paulo – São Carlos, Ribeiro Prato, São José dos Campos and Péricaba – in addition to one in the state of Rio de. Janeiro.

Rodrigues states, “Looking at the experience we want to provide, we understand that many customers outside the capitals need to be served in a sophisticated way, not with standardized solutions.

“Potenza is made by people. We understand that a selected team will be the key to success for our development strategy. Culture, technical competence and DNA generate a solid customer service experience; And this is our great difference.

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