Potigur coaches the American school basketball team

Potigur coaches the American school basketball team

Potigur Luiz Afonso Rangel has been working as a technical assistant for the Bishop Walsh school team for almost a year. Photo: Sedida

Having been in basketball since the age of 10, Potiguer Luiz Afonso Rangel has been working as a technical assistant for the Bishop Walsh school team in Cumberland, Maryland for almost 1 year. Afonso is now preparing for the men’s team National Intercolastic Basketball ConferenceA tournament that brings together the 8 best teams High School by country (High School Would be equivalent to high school in Brazil). He currently works with head coach Dan Prete, who has coached Kevin Durant, is one of the stars of the NBA, the main American basketball league.

The 28-year-old Pottigueer, who has a degree in Law and Physical Education, began his career in sports as a player at the Colégio Marista de Natal. After finishing high school, at the request of his mentor Rodrigo Carlos, Luiz began following the training of the Marista team in 2010, and became a volunteer technical assistant. From that moment on, he discovered a new passion within the game.

“And when I least expected it, the passion I had as a player took another form. I realized that through basketball I can fulfill my objective of bringing change in people’s lives. Apart from passion for the game, he had discovered a vocation ”, he reported.

After discovering his vocation as a coach, Potigur began to specialize in the subject, gaining new experience in the field after working in leading Brazilian clubs such as Palmiras, Bauru, Haberica, McKenzie and the US Began to specialize in the curriculum for.

“I have practically started breathing in basketball. From the beginning, I tried to give myself everything I could and took advantage of every opportunity to learn more. “

As a school basketball coach, Luiz won four RN school games, the largest student competition in the Northeast region and five silver and two bronze medals. As time went on, he opened up his fans and gained experience with other teams inside and outside the country. Potigur worked with groups of athletes at training camps at Duke University, and at Montverd Academy in the United States and Club Penerol in Argentina.

In addition to working at Marissa, Luiz had the opportunity to work at the RN’s Technical Commission, the Basketball Parents and Athletes Association (APAB-RN) and Aeroclub-RN, the latter being one of the initiators of the training. Program basketball.

“We were the first team from RN to participate in the Brazilian Interclub Championship, a chance in which we reached 7th place in Brazil with our Sub21 team,” he said.

With a vast curriculum in the field, Putiyugar teaches the fruits of years of dedication and study within the sport. In 2021, Luiz celebrates 11 years as a coach as well as a unique experience working in the country, which has the largest basketball league in the world.

“Over time, I was recognized for work done in Natal, outside other states and Brazil, and this recognition went ahead. This was when I was invited to a meeting in the United States. In the end, the meeting became a job interview, ”he said.

In addition to working with Dan Prete, Potigur also had the opportunity to exchange experience with professionals undergoing great NBA teams, such as Micah Fraction Orlando magic And Blair O’Donovan Washington magician.

“Luiz works on developing athletes, focusing on details, showing they need to improve on the court every day. His knowledge of basketball is impressive, ”said Micah.

Now, Potiguer is preparing to fly high and to accomplish what he has learned in his career Bishop Walsh For the elite of school basketball in the United States. Regarding the opportunity to work abroad, Luiz is grateful to those who assisted in her training.

“The main feeling is gratitude, for everything that I experienced and that was part of my journey. I believe that one of the keys to achievement and happiness is to focus on the path, enjoying every moment, rather than just thinking about the outcome, ”he said.

For the future, Potigur sees the potential for new projects and adds that he has already received some work invitations, but guarantees that his aim is to change people’s lives through his work.

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