Pre-lockdown agglomeration makes Rome an intimate attraction

Pre-lockdown agglomeration makes Rome an intimate attraction

Rome Police closed the Fontana de Trevi area on Saturday (13) due to a crowd of people on the eve of a new Lockdown in city.

In addition to the iconic fountains in the historic Roman center, police also blocked the movement of pedestrians on some streets and squares in the Italian capital.

Many cities in the country, such as Milan and Turin, also recorded a great movement this Saturday, two days before the entry of a new decree, 10 of the 20 regions of the country, in addition to the province of Trento, of epidemiological risk. Band.

In this regime, people can leave home only for “proven reasons for work, health or need” and restaurants, bars and non-essential commerce are closed, except for pick-up or delivery services.

The new lockdown will cover the most populous regions of the country, such as Lazio and Lombardia, where Rome and Milan are respectively. Overall, this measure would be 71.5% of the national population.

The average number of new cases of Kovid-19 in Italy has been steadily increasing for more than 20 days, while the number of deaths has been increasing since the end of February. To date, there have been around 3.2 million contagions and about 102 thousand deaths in the country.

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