Prehistoric fish considered extinct are found by fishermen in Madagascar

The coelacanth is two meters long, has four wings and weighs about ninety kilos; Scientists tell which species has existed for 420 million years

Alberto Fernandez Fernandez Wikimedia CommonsOne of the coelacanths found in the 1970s is on display at the Vienna Museum of Natural History

The fisherman Madagascar A species of two-meter-long prehistoric fish captured Coelacanth, dating back 420 million years. According to the American Scientific News Forum MongaboyExperts believed that these creatures had become extinct millions of years ago, but they were surprised when a colacanth was found alive in 1938 for the first time. Since then, fishes weighing up to 90 kg and four-winged have been spotted a few more times. South Africa, On Tanzania and on Indonesia, But they had become particularly rare in Madagascar. It turns out that, because they live 100 to 500 meters below sea surface, coelacanths eventually get trapped in the traps used to hunt sharks. With the increase in demand for this hunter in Madagascar since the 1980s, the population of coelacanths has decreased dramatically. According to Andrew Cook, who was researching the species, scientists were convinced that prehistoric fish had completely disappeared from that island in southern Africa. However, the most recent finding points to another direction. Cook says Madagascar may be the new epicenter of the species, as the island offers a wide range of habitats.

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