Preserved dinosaur baby egg found in China

Preserved dinosaur baby egg found in China

A 70 million year old fossil was recently discovered in Jiangxi province of China. This search a. preserves the embryonic skeleton of intact dinosaur inside an egg From Oviraptoridae – Extinct omnivores related to herbivorous dinosaurs and birds – Baby Yingliang nicknamed after the museum that currently houses it.

baby bones dinosaur Being extremely rare and delicate, the find is viewed as a unique find. In the researchers’ view, the hope is that the fossil may reveal a new perspective on the relationship between dinosaurs and certain classes of birds living today.

unique discovery

(Source: University of Birmingham / Disclosure)

According to the report released by the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom, This It is about 17 cm long and has a 27 cm head-to-toe dinosaur. Had this creature lived to adulthood, scientists believe it would have reached 10 feet in length.

As analyzed in other fossils Oviraptoridae Around the world, archaeologists have indicated that dinosaurs may have shifted position within the egg somewhat birds Contemporary. In modern birds, such behavior is described as an act of “bending”, which is controlled by the central nervous system and is important for successful incubation.

The discovery is a novelty for many areas of science, in the view of Waisam Ma, the researcher responsible for the study. “We were surprised to see this embryo beautifully preserved inside a dinosaur egg lying in a bird pose. This pose had not previously been recognized in non-avian dinosaurs,” he said.

past of dinosaurs

(Fonte: Shutterstock)(Fonte: Shutterstock)

As far as we know today, all birds evolved directly from a subclass of bipedal dinosaurs called theropoda, which includes creatures such as the T-Rex and other small Velociraptors. However, pre-incubation behavior is not the only one that modern birds inherited from their dinosaur ancestors.

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Researchers say that these same dinosaurs are known to sit on their eggs. The fossil found in Jiangxi province was reportedly discovered around 2000 by a company called the Yingliang Group and left in a warehouse for more than 10 years.

After this period, the artifacts were discovered by employees of the Yingliang Stone Nature History Museum, subsidized by the company. Since then, the fossil has been analyzed by researchers to identify behavior more common between dinosaurs and modern birds.

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