Protests over Athletic Idol Awards: “Fire on Racists”

Protests over Athletic Idol Awards: "Fire on Racists"

Former player Reynaldo, Atletico-MG Idol honored during this Friday Best award at the ‘Silver Ball’, Brasileirao Promoted by ESPN. He received the ‘Reflection’ trophy And he was called on stage by comedian Yuri Markle, who spoke about the respect he had for his ‘ancestor’ in the fight against racism.

Reinaldo was inspired by the ‘Black Panthers’ movement from the United States (Photo: Reproduction / ESPN)

Photo: Throw!

Reynaldo entered the stage with his fist clenched and raised his hand as he celebrated his goals. In his speech, he was short, but left his message about what he thought about racism.

“The years-long history of our club (Atlético-MG) shows that we are resisting. As Brazilians, we must always fight, fight and fire racists!”, said Reynaldo, whom the audience was appreciated by

The gesture immortalized by the Atletico statue was inspired by the ‘Black Panthers’ movement, which fought against racism in the United States. His protest was also a message for the military dictatorship, which was in force in Brazil between 1964 and 1985, and repressive protests against the regime. Reynaldo was also repressed because of his memories.,

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