PS5: Ten Things You Probably Didn’t Know You Did Console | Video game

PS5: Ten Things You Probably Didn't Know You Did Console |  Video game

Playstation 5 (OPS5) Is a new generation console Sony In addition to more powerful hardware, more beautiful graphics, and exclusive games, the system also has a series of functions to add. Its outstanding features are remote usage options, built-in microphones, counting hours, and other devices that help make the user experience more complete.

Just bought PS5 and want to enjoy all the functions of new video games? The Techtudo Compiled a list with 10 useful and little-known things about the device. See the complete guide on finding, enabling, and using PlayStation 5 functions.

PS5: Ten Things You Probably Didn’t Know That Console – Photo: Murillo Molina / TechTudo

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One of the great new features of the PS5 is the game tips, which are implemented in the console system itself. Special for customers Ps more, Content showing how to pass levels, bosses, and other complex game moments with video by pressing the home button (PS).

If you stop at a specific point in a game or need assistance to collect a trophy, go to the page and play the videos, which are usually short and very straight. It is possible to check the content without the need to close the game, and leave it positioned next to the screen (see photo).

PS5 provides game tips for PS Plus customers – Photo: Playback / Murillo Molina

2. Counting game hours

You can see the game’s hour count on the PS5 – Photo: Playback / Murillo Molina

Available since the PS4, the Share Play function is little known and used by gamers, but it is certainly one of the most interesting in the Sony ecosystem. Also present on the PS5, the tool virtually allows players to “pass control” to friends, allowing them to control the game remotely (over the Internet). Note that it is important that the two users have a good relationship, or that the game will have too much lag.

Share Friends – Allow Play / Photo: Access to your PS5 via Playback / Murillo Molina

PS5: know everything about the new console

Remote Play is ideal for those who have a console and do not skip accessing it from other rooms in the house, or even when they are elsewhere (work, school, travel). Having a PS5, it is also possible to use the PS4 to remotely play games and services on new consoles – just with an Internet connection.

Use Remote Play to play PS5 title on PS4 – Photo: Playback / Murillo Molina

More than saving videos and images in 4K resolution, the PS5 now allows players to edit their screenshots on a system included in the device. It is possible to cut, rotate, adjust and add texts and elements before sharing them with friends on PSN or on social networks.

PS5 has an image editor – Photo: Reproduction / Murillo Molina

6. Interaction with the application

The PlayStation App There is free PS5 app, where players can play games store, friends list, exchange messages with PSN users and more. You can also get notifications about the end of the game download, which can be very useful for those who are not close to the device.

The PlayStation app connects your phone to your PS5 – Photo: Playback / Murillo Molina

7. Access the game mode via the console menu

Access game modes of the game directly through the PS5 menu – Photo: Playback / Murillo Molina

Another good news from PlayStation 5 is its DualSense controller. In addition to various formats and new vibration technology, the joystick also has a built-in microphone, which can be used as a game interaction (in Astro’s playroom), or to chat with other PSN users. . If you want to change the controls, remember the small transparent button just below the home (PS).

Use chat on PS5 with built-in microphone in Dualuccin – Photo: Playback / Murillo Molina

Spoilers are a major problem for sports fans with dense and engaging stories. To prevent the content of the Control Center from showing a still unprecedented view to players, Sony offers a filter. Go to Settings> Saved Data and Game / Application Settings and turn on “Warn about game spoiler”.

Protect yourself from damage with the help of PS5 system – Photo: Playback / Murillo Molina

10. Customizable Interface

The PS5 menu has several options ranging from console settings (audio, microphone, download) to music player, friends list and store. By opening the Control Center and pressing Options (Start), it will be possible to turn some options on and off to make the menu more “clean”, or more complete, according to the user’s taste.

Customize PS5 menu with additional options – Photo: Playback / Murillo Molina

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