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DF in Plantalina has 1 of 17 CILs that register students with successful overseas experiences / Photo: Renato Alves, Agênis Brasília

“The dream filled my life overnight, throughout my day …” To make a dream come true, award-winning Minas Gerais poet Adelia Prado fits the trajectory of 19-year-old young Felipe Alison de Susa. After an atypical and yet extremely dedicated year, the student left the district public school system to be approved for economics and astrophysics courses at Stetson University, Florida (USA).

The achievement achieved by Felipe is one of the cases of success registered abroad among students of 17 language schools, DF of CFF, enriching the academic and professional careers of thousands of students. He passed in December, and in January received a scholarship from the same university.

He does not know, however, if he is going to study there because he is waiting for the result of six other exams he has taken in the United States. In addition, it evaluates options that have emerged with approval at three universities in Brazil – Federal of Rio de Janeiro and Gois and Catholic of Brasilia.

In public schools, teachers are more empowered because they know the communityFelipe Allison de Susa, 19 years old


“My admission to the Inter-School Language Center (CIL) in Guara was born out of a desire to participate in an exchange. However, graduating in the United States seemed like an unachievable dream ”, he says.

The dream did not come true overnight. In addition to attending high school Guara Educational Center (CED) 01, A time when, in addition to language classes at CIL do Guará, the young man was divided between regular classes at the center, work and an overnight technical course, where he also took English courses.

“There were decisive moments like my trip to Japan through a program”, recalls Felipe, referring to an experience he gained abroad in 2019, due to the success of the online kitty he has spent on air, passports and visas. Made to raise funds. “At the time, the help of Professor Rose of CILG contributed to my acceptance”, the student reports. “In public schools, teachers have more empathy because they know the community”, he praises.

“I am the son of an incredible bricklayer and very warrior housewife, I grew up in a perimeter of the DF and now I am about it, if you help me, get off in Japan”, he released in a video. Get highlights donated.

Youth ambassador

Subsequently, Felipe was approved in the Youth Ambassador Program. The initiative, coordinated by the United States Embassy, ​​selects students from public schools across Brazil for a three-week exchange in the United States. “I traveled with other students in January 2020 and I realized the possibility of getting a degree abroad,” he explains.

The journey of a student enrolled in a North American university from public schools and the importance of learning a second language is a matter of Podcast This week from the EducaDF channel, available on audio platforms.

Registration for CIL

Half-yearly, interested students await registration and electronic draw results. CILs offers four languages: English, Spanish, French and Japanese. In addition to networked students, the initiative normally allocates the remaining vacancies to those interested in the community. The registration period for the community will be from March 4 to 8 on the folder website.

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Like Felipe, the story of Professor Ionaria Araújo also began with a desire to learn a language. “I did Spanish at Cil do Gama, and this experience gave me new perspectives. Upon entering college, I chose to study letters and Spanish, I passed the education department competition and started teaching. Later, the language again helped me in choosing the Masters in Psychology. As a teacher, I participated in a new program and today I work as an educational consultant in public networks. “

Family learning together

According to judicial analyst Angelo Filho from the Federal Territory Court of 1 Territory. Located in Brasilia, his interest in learning a language at CIL in Ceilândia came from the realization that the curriculum was different. Many people commented on the excellence of the work done. Upon completing the course, I was approved in the competition by the Ministry of External Affairs. As a servant, I traveled to other countries including the presidential party. Angelo’s successful journey inspired his nephews. “Two have already completed English courses, another graduated in Spanish and the fourth, Cil et studies English in Tagutiga”, celebrates.

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