Push Wins California Scratch Card Millionaire Rewards

Push Wins California Scratch Card Millionaire Rewards

After being pushed by a stranger and pressing the wrong button, LaQuedra Edwards won a $10 million prize in scratch cards. According to the Washington Post, the case took place at a supermarket in Tarzana, near Los Angeles, in Southern California.

According to the newspaper, the American had invested $40 in a machine selling scratch cards. He planned to buy several tickets with the money, but the push of the unknown made him push the button to buy just one ticket, which cost $30, the most expensive on sale.

The woman said the man who pushed her was “rude” and “said nothing” after hitting her. “He just walked out the door,” she said, who was irritated by the situation.

As he got back to his car, Laquedra smashes the tickets he had bought, and then finds that he has won $10 million. The first reaction to doubt the result. She believed in the prize only when she scanned the ticket with the lottery app.

“I’m still in shock. I remember saying ‘I’m rich’ when I realized how much I just won,” she said.

According to the lottery responsible for the prize, the odds of winning $10 million by purchasing a ticket are 1 in 3 million.

Now, American plans to use this money to buy a home and create its own non-profit organization.

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