Quemuel Ottoni Receives Welterweight Belt in Brazil and Responds to Alex Potton’s Message

Quemuel Ottoni Receives Welterweight Belt in Brazil and Responds to Alex Potton's Message

It gave Brazil a duel against the United States in the main event of Jungle Fight 107 held this Sunday in So Paulo-SP. With a sure performance, Cumuel Ottoni punished the always strong Jose “Suvesito” with permanent combinations and in the third round, with a rear naked choke, defined the confrontation on the ground.

Cumuel celebrated the title with his family (Photo: Leonardo Fabri)

Photo: Launch!

It was the sixth victory for an athlete from the Komodo Family team in Jungle Fight, the second by submission – the other four were by knockout. Upon receiving the belt, Cumuel thanked his father, Gilberto Douglas Ottoni, and responded to a message he received from Alex Potton on social media.

“Alex Potton, who is in the UFC, sent me a personal message that I would be nothing more than a jungle fighter. Today I am the champion. And don’t forget that it was in the corner of this ring that I submitted you.” , said the new champion of the biggest MMA event in Latin America, much to the delight of the audience at the gym.

In 2015, the two faced each other in Jungle Fight 82. after two rounds

In a standing fight, with victory likely for both sides, Cumuel caught Potton with a rear naked choke to define the fight. This is the kickboxing star’s only defeat in MMA so far.

The Ottoni family was the highlight of Jungle Fight 107, and the only reason they did not take home two belts was because Cumuel’s sister Kelly Ottoni had exceeded the bantamweight limit by 500 grams (61 kg). Therefore, a spectacular victory by defeating Yana Gadelha was not enough for her to win the title.

It was a very dynamic fight. With a very skillful jiu-jitsu, Yana Gadelha dominated most of the time, but fell to an unavoidable guillotine choke from Kelly Otoni in the second round. Because of this context, Walid Ismail secured a rematch for Belt in the next edition of Jungle Fight.

“It’s a fight of the jungle. Fighting of the jungle is ‘beating.’ I don’t accept fighters who tie. The fighter who binds can never win. Fighting of the jungle is what today Cumuel, ‘Suwesito’, Kelly and Yana did it. I am very happy and proud of what these warriors have done today”, said Walid Ismail.

See the outcome of the event below:

Jungle Fight 107

So Paulo-SP

1 May 2022

Cumuel Otoni presents Jose “Suvesito” with a rear naked choke at 2:40 on R3

Kelly Ottoni beats Yana Gadelha in R2 . Presented with a guillotine choke at 2:51 am

Deberson “The Prince” Batista and Alexandro Congti bound by majority decision

Lucas Barros Coelho de Oliveira defeated John “Snake” by split decision

Marcio “Tikoto” beats the Tiago Terra Nova with the guillotine on the R1 . submitted at 3:41 pm

Joo “The Future” Carvalho defeated Maral Calaga “Vito” by split decision

Lucas Rafael Ferraz dos Santos defeated Niemias Araujo Santana by split decision

Vinicius Augusto Pires defeated Edson “Jaba” Lourenco by unanimous decision

Marcos Zinhani beats Lucas Campos to R2 . K presented with the rear naked choke at 4:33 am

Matthias da Silva Severino defeated Douglas “Puro Oso” by unanimous decision

Manoel “Maranho” defeated Diogo “Pink” by unanimous decision

Jean Felipe “Bugs” paired Paulo Paxo with an American R2 . Submitted at 2:03 am

Samuel Casimiro defeated Joao Victor “Gladiador” by unanimous decision

Rafael Massagh launched the R2 . beat Matthias Bahia by TKO at 1:46

Who was Diego Rodrigues on R2. defeated the TKO 4:02

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