Rare ‘cotton candy coloured’ lobster hooked by American fisherman | World

Rare 'cotton candy coloured' lobster hooked by American fisherman |  World

a fisherman from Maine, in AmericaCaught a rare “cotton candy colored” lobster over the weekend.

known in America as cotton candy lobsterThe lobster, literally the cotton candy lobster, is quite a rare animal with its bright blue exoskeleton.

“It’s so rare that it’s one in 100 million,” fisherman Bill Coppersmith told NBC. “And we caught it right here, in Portland, on Casco Bay. Look how beautiful she is.”

Handy, cotton candy-colored lobsters flock to Maine – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

That animal was named Heidi, which was named after the fisherman in honor of his granddaughter. He said that he had no intention of selling it and also had no intention of putting it in the pot.

Coppersmith said he is looking for an aquarium that is interested in getting the rare lobster so that it can grow and grow safely.

‘Cotton Candy Colour’ lobster caught in Maine, USA over the weekend – Photo: Reproduction/NBC

The “cotton candy colored” lobster has an exoskeleton that is similar in color to an opal stone, and is the result of a genetic mutation.

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