RB Salzburg v Bayern Min Munich: Self-goal gave Bayern a 2-1 lead at halftime

RB Salzburg v Bayern Min Munich: Self-goal gave Bayern a 2-1 lead at halftime

45 + 2 – Serge Gainbury did a great job of shooting long distance posts, and this is the last action of the first half.

44 ‘- Your goal for Bayern! Lewandowski releases Mueller into the penalty area with a clever shot. Mਲller reaches the nearest post and hits a cross designed for Corinthian Tolisso, who runs into the center of the goal. However, he was denied the chance to score, as Salzburg’s Christensen leads his own keeper before trying to clear the ball.

40 ‘- Toliso drops the bar to make a quick break.

37 ‘- As Komen, Byron Counter collapses to the left and finds Lewandowski at the penalty arc: however, his shot goes across the bar.

36 ‘- Quetta broke from the Hernandez to the left of Byron. He walks all the way to the touchline, but his cross is clear. Edge for RB.

34 ‘- Double Ouch: Lewandowski filtered a gust of wind from Ganabri into a breeze, then tapped it with his foot, twisted and hit a volley – unfortunately right in the leg of his next defender!

28 ‘- Byron wins a free kick outside Salzburg’s penalty area. Kimich pushes the ball towards Lewandowski, but a defender takes it in and out of the goal.

25 ‘- Salzburg makes some noise in the box as Quetta changes position to score, but Boetang throws the ball before taking the shot. Salzburg’s front corner became sweeter.

23 ‘- Yellow Card: Benjamin Powered. Peward looks yellow after being confused with Zzobozlai. His free kick went wide of the goal, but RB got a corner.

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21 ‘- Penalty for Bayern (actually)! Thomas Mਰller gets the ball to the left of the penalty area as it overlaps with the command. He tries Maradona, but is blown away in the process. This time it’s an unacceptable penalty. Robert Lewandowski changed it easily.

19 ‘- Ouch! Junozovic takes a path from Lewandowski to the right of his face. He is furious and temporarily leaves the pitch.

17 ‘- Wow: Manuel Neuer saves Salzburg a lightning fast to refuse a goal, as Junuzovic saves a very strong title from a corner kick.

16 ‘- Upside down! Kimmich knocked Ganabri out with a beautiful long pass, but Kimmich played the ball and Ganabri was really one foot. It goes back to Salzburg, and Boateng prevents an attack by Quetta, assuming a corner.

14 ‘- Salzburg immediately attacked, with Junuzovic saving a shot.

13 ‘- was! Before shooting Lewandowski, however, he goes to consult with VAR. He gets back on the pitch and plays the hints! After no fines.

12 ‘- Penalty for Bayern! Charging Lucas Hernandez loses inside the box. The referee demands an immediate penalty.

11 ‘- Stop calling! Mueller won the ball just outside Salzburg’s penalty area. He finds Gunbury on his left. Ganabri cuts and shakes his defender, but his shot is saved by Romahalo.

8 ‘- A long ball finds Robert Lewandowski, who shoots just above the bar. The offside flag arrives late.

7 ‘- Salzburg won a free kick out of the box. Szobolszai threw it on goal.

4 ‘- Goal for Salzburg! Salzburg’s attacking play pays off as Berisha remains intact and brings a ball to Quetta in the Bayern penalty area. Quetta’s shot was blocked but he fell at Berisha’s feet. He threw Nair into the back trap from Byron’s right side. 1-0 Salzburg!

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3 ‘- It’s been all Salzburg in the early minutes. Austria are putting pressure on the attackers and disrupting Byron’s game.

Kick: We’re running!

One hour from kickoff: We have lineups! This was really our expectation.

As the spectrum of David AlabaNegotiations over the deal have escalated over Bayern’s Munich, with the team traveling to Salzburg Champions League. After Nicklaus Sule was out after catching the colloid, Hansi Flick once again had to choose a less-than-ideal setup over a tough opponent. Making things worse hurts Leon Goretzka, Who missed the game due to calf issues. No one has ever said that Bayern is easy to manage.

At the very least, coaches can count on goals Robert Lewandowski, Which will be refreshed and will run against Colon after his rest on Saturday. The Polish hitman will be backed up by a world-class attacking supplement Thomas Mਰller And two of Byron’s many wings. With Bayern’s main defender missing and RB Salzburg known for scoring goals, he will be crucial in pulling out the Austrians and maintaining the team’s place at the top of Group A.

It’s Byron time.

Match information

Location: Red Bull Arena, Salzburg, Austria

Time: 9pm local time, 3:00 pm EST

TV / Streaming: CBS All Access, Find your country

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