UK government intensifies investigation against National Lottery Community Fund

Governo do Reino Unido aprofunda investigação após denúncias de intimidação contra National Lottery Community Fund

Britain’s Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has hired a conflict management company to investigate the National Lottery Community Fund (NLCF) following allegations of bullying. Earlier this year, The Times revealed that allegations of intimidation were leveled against the fund’s former CEO.

Following the reports, the UK government has opened an investigation into complaints against Don Ostwick, who stepped down last year. In addition to allegations of bullying, there were also complaints of inappropriate language against Austic.

The government made it clear that it would provide a strong platform for the fund to transform its operations, ensuring that the organization is more inclusive and fair. Now, CMP proposals have been hired to examine the leadership and work culture of the National Lottery Community Fund.

The UK government said details of the contract with CMP would be published at a later date to address transparency requirements. In addition, current employees who wish to collect information about whistleblowers will be supported.

Employees can express their concerns through the fund’s existing processes. Presently, the NLCF has a new leadership and the government is believed to be supporting this new direction. David Knott, director of the Civil Society Office, was recently appointed to the role of the fund’s interim executive director.

A DCMS spokesperson said the agency “continues to work closely with the National Lottery Community Fund’s new leadership team to review its work culture and ensure it helps fully recover from the pandemic.” focuses on using lottery funds to; and meet the needs of people across the UK.”

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About the National Lottery Community Fund

Today, the fund distributes over £600 million a year to communities across the UK, raised by The National Lottery Players.

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