Reasons to choose Sengkang Grand Residences

Reasons to choose Sengkang Grand Residences

The Sengkang Grand Residences is another most popular residential condo property from the Sengkang Grand. It comprises community facilities, retail shops, and as well as apartments. The chain of on-the-go restaurants and charming dining along with day-care for children and a community club for access. Some other exclusively available facilities are added for the residents of the Sengkang Grand Residences. 

This residential condo development will offer a family-friendly environment and suitable for couples, individuals, and small or large families. Apart from that, they have a wide range of facilities to aid with a modern lifestyle for residents. This Sengkang residence will integrate properly with the public transport. It includes railway transportation and bus amenities to locate MRT station, Sengkang Central, and Buangkok.

Sengkang Residences Units

The Ola Sengkang has an overall of 682 units and they are well-constructed and as well designed. These residential units will range from 5-bedroom units up to a maximum of a one-bedroom unit. Moreover, as per the PSF listing, the pricing may vary from $1,450,000 up to $1,604,000. Some of the residential units’ sizes are given below for your reference:

5 Bedroom Units – 1302 Sq. Ft.

4 Bedroom Units – starting from 1152 Sq. Ft to 1173 Sq. Ft.

3 Bedroom Units – starting from 904 Sq. Ft to 980 Sq. Ft.

2 + 1 Bedroom Units – starting from 775 Sq. Ft to 861 Sq. Ft.

2 Bedroom Units – starting from 616 Sq. Ft to 775 Sq. Ft.

1 + 1 Bedroom Units – 517 Sq. Ft.

1 Bedroom Units – starting from 424 Sq. Ft to 474 Sq. Ft.

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Various Schools Proximity & Good Transport System

This Parc Central Residences EC or Sengkang Grand Condo has an easy to and from accessibility. You can utilize numerous transport systems connecting various parts of Singapore for easy travel. Apart from the North-East line or MRT Lines, the condo residents can utilize various Expressways such as Central and Seletar. Parents can take their children to prestigious & efficient learning centers while residing at the best Sengkang Grand residences. 

This new project is located near multiple elite education enters. You can find various secondary, primary schools, or pre-schools near this location. Some of them like North Vista Primary, Punggol Primary, Nan-Chiau High School, Xinmin Secondary, and many others.

Exceptional Eating Spots

It is still important to hang out alone or with family members or friends. Residing in Sengkang Grand Condo will offer the best part of locating the outdoors sample food to taste. This new property will provide the residents with safer & easier access to multiple food restaurants and joints. They are also allowed to sample taste the available Teck Ee Seafood. 

Residents can find various warm soups including the most popular Tom Yam Soup and sweet dishes. Apart from the Sakae Sushi, you can find numerous Japanese cuisines across Singapore city. If you prefer to taste the best Korean cuisine, you can choose the best Chicken up Buangkok.

Beautiful & Impressive Green Spaces

This condo is located with the accountability of an impressive surrounding environment. Most people are interested in this condo properties because of its green surroundings. By purchasing a unit or apartment within this condo will provide you access to numerous best Singapore green parks. It is expected that the Sengkang Neighborhood Park will feature various diverse plant species. Within the Sengkang Sports Center, you can find the best Sengkang Riverside Park. Compassvale Street and Sengkang Sculpture Park will make you relax with its incredible green space.

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Various Shopping Centers

Residents of the Sengkang Grand Residences or the Antares Condo will gain a versatile and lavish city-living lifestyle. It is placed near the neighborhood to feature numerous options for shopping malls and centers. This is another best place if you are a shopaholic or a window shopping user. Buangkok will offer numerous shopping malls that include various shops. Residents can utilize this versatility within the condo to purchase under one roof. 

This development is easily accessible to reach out to the Hougang Green Shopping Center or Mall to guarantee convenience. Hougang Mall and Rivervale Plaza will offer incredible and excellent shopping vibes. Residents can gain a wholesome experience to make an excellent shopping process with the best-shopping outlets. They can shop from various shopping malls like Seletar and Eastpoint. Users are allowed to access multiple supermarkets like Sheng Siong, Cold Storage, and many others.


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