Record changes as Americans wait longer to vote in early 2020 elections US election 2020

As voters come in record numbers to elect Republicans Donald Trump And in the 2020 presidential election, Democrat Joe Biden waited for hours for Americans to vote.

A record 14 million Americans Have already voted In the general election, according to an analysis of voting information from the US Election Project. More than two million voters have already cast their ballots in major swing states like Florida.

Steve Shelley, a Democratic strategist in Florida, said: “The numbers are amazing for us and the turnout rates and the turnout are good.” Told Politico. “But there’s a lot we don’t know.”

In Georgia, Residents waited for eight hours to exercise their democratic right. Many took to social media to share their experiences with early voting, noting voter lines in several city blocks or school parking lots.

Political analyst Roland Martin burst into tears as dozens of voters lined up outside a voting center at a church in Texas.

“I am a wise man, but I have no problem expressing these kinds of feelings because I know what is at stake for our people. Written on Instagram. “I know what black people are doing in this country. Voting isn’t over, but I’m sure hell knows it’s part of the solution. ”

Long lines alone cannot face voters. Technical errors also delayed the process. Voters have also faced barriers to accessing their ballots, including computer problems to some extent, as well as legal challenges in places across the South of the United States.

In Georgia, where the Republican administration has countered allegations of voter repression, residents reported technical problems that initially slowed voting, including a polling station in Atlanta.

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Democrats have traditionally pushed for a red state in recent weeks, Georgia said. There are currently about 750,000 votes cast.

Authorities in Virginia are investigating a voter registration portal that crashed Tuesday. Authorities have so far ruled on a cable that was cut in an accident, but the error shut down the entire system the previous day to get the registry done. A Virginia court has extended the voter registration deadline to October 15.

The rise in coronavirus cases in several states across the country has prompted both parties to push their supporters towards mail-in and early voting, amid an epidemic out of control. Warring states, including Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, are experiencing an increase in alarming cases. Earlier, health experts had warned that large crowds on election day could pose a health risk.

In an effort to curb early voting in major battlefield states, Republican governors and legislators have launched legal challenges for everything from the number of ballot drop-off locations and sites to the date of deposit and counting.

On Monday, a Texas Court of Appeals upheld an executive order by Governor Greg Abbott, meaning a place like Harris County, with a population of 4.7 million – including its largest city, Stone Stone – was seriously abandoned. Is Undersurved

As of Tuesday afternoon, 50,000 ballots had already been cast in 122 early polling stations in the county – the first day of voting, according to the U.S. Election Project.

Voting begins early Thursday in a key North Carolina constituency.

In California, meanwhile, Republican State Party officials were forced to remove unofficial drop boxes placed across the state. Electoral officials there say unauthorized dropboxes do not meet the required security and transfer criteria.

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And in Pennsylvania, a judge over the weekend dismissed Trump’s campaign and the Republican Party’s attempt to create a ballot drop box at the Commonwealth as unconstitutional. A federal judge reopened voter registration in the state through Thursday, and in Florida, the bid to extend the voter registration deadline was rejected.

About 130 million Americans voted in the 2016 presidential election. Most analysts say that the number of voters for an election will exceed their number.

Mu Returns Le Returns shows a commanding lead for Democrats, with even more polls showing that their supporters are more likely to support early or mail-in voting than Republicans. Conservatives, who are more likely to ignore official federal coronavirus guidance, are more committed to voting individually, in a traditional way, on election day.

The increase in turnout in a pandemic underscores Trump’s absurd claims that the election will be the most corrupt in the nation’s history.

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