Record Kovid death in Germany could be ‘mega-lockdown’, says the newspaper – 14/01/2021

Record Kovid death in Germany could be 'mega-lockdown', says the newspaper - 14/01/2021

Germany sets a new record for deaths from it Coronavirus On Thursday, leading to a call for a Lockdown Even more drastic after the country was relatively unpublished in 2020.

Chancellor Angela Merkel wants a “mega-lockdown”, the Bulld newspaper reported, fearing a version of the rapid spread of the virus, first found in the United Kingdom, shut down the country almost completely.

She was considering measures including the closure of local and long-distance public transport, although such regulations are yet to be decided, according to Bldg.

Although the total number of per capita deaths in Germany has been much lower than in the United States since the onset of the epidemic, its mid-December per capita death rate has often exceeded that of the United States.

The daily death rate in Germany currently stands at around 15 deaths per million people, versus 13 deaths per million US.

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported 25,164 and 1,244 new cases of coronovirus deaths, with the total number of deaths in Germany starting at 43,881.

Germany initially managed the epidemic better with harsh lockdowns than its neighbors, but has seen a significant increase in cases and deaths in recent months, with RKI stating that people were not taking the virus seriously.

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