Regarding the injuries, Adriano says, “To this day, I cannot support my body”

Regarding the injuries, Adriano says, "To this day, I cannot support my body"

Adriano Imperador talked about the injuries that ended his career in 2016. Participating in ESPN Brasil’s “Resenha”, the former striker revealed that he has been suffering from a slew of physical problems to date.

“When you get used to playing one way, it’s like taking out one chip and putting in another. I thought something was wrong. [depois das lesões]I am strong, I am big. But even today I cannot support my body. For journalists, no … it’s because it was for the night, drank this or that. I thought I could not do it anymore, I would already need to rehabilitate myself to play in a different way ”, he said.

In conversation, Adriano also recalled a tendon surgery in 2011 while defending the Corinthians. For the Emperor, the club made a mistake in the process.

“I had an operation on my shoulder twice. Initially, I was wrong because I missed physiotherapy, but they operated on me badly. I’m not going to say the name, I’m not complaining. I’m Always appreciating the opportunity, they did everything for me, but I think something was wrong with me as well. But I don’t feel hurt, I just thank you “, he said.

Medical consultant for the Corinthians and responsible for Adriano’s operations while the striker was in the club (2011 and 2012), with doctor Joaquim Grava opposing the statement, saying that the former striker “lacked physical therapy”.

Adriano has been out of football since 2016, when he had a brief stint at Miami United in the United States. Revealed by an idol and flamengo, he also wore the shirts of Inter Milan, Sao Paulo, Corinthians, Athletico-PR and the Brazilian team.

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