Registration remains open for Nado from Juparani Lagoon Crossing

Registration remains open for Nado from Juparani Lagoon Crossing
Photo: Secom Linhares / Felipe Tozatto

More than 200 swimmers from several cities in Espirito Santo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and Bahia have already confirmed their presence for the 35th edition of the crossing from Lagoa Juparani to Nado.

Among the nominees are the main stars of Capisaba swimming such as athletes Marcio Junqueira and Cesar Saad. The event will be held next Sunday (6), at 8am, at the Linhares Esporte Club in Lagoa Juparani.

According to one of the event’s organizers, Lucio Caliman, swimmer Marcio Junqueira was the first capixba to swim across the English Channel, which separates the United Kingdom from France. Athlete Cesar Saad is one of the state’s main open water swimmers.

Those wishing to participate in the circuit must register through the website or by phone (27) 99868-0700. Registration will be closed after completion of 250 entries according to the organization. The competition will follow all protocols due to the pandemic.

“Those interested in participating in the crossing still have time to sign up. Our goal is to encourage open water swimming in our lagoon and to make people aware of the importance of preserving the environment”, highlighted Lucio.

Photo: Secom Linhares / Felipe Tozatto

The modalities of the fight are full crossing (4,000 m), sprint race (1,000 m) and kids race (mini crossing). Upon completion of the race, each athlete will receive a participation medal. Trophies will be awarded to the top five in each category.

For the safety of participants, the route will be supported by fire department boats, kayaks, speedboats and other private yachts along all routes of the test.

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In an emergency, the swimmer should raise his hand and signal to the rescue and rescue team so that the necessary immediate assistance can be obtained.

The event is supported by the Municipality of Linhares, through the Municipal Secretary for Culture, Tourism, Sports and Leisure.

“It is an event that comes to promote the tourism chain and publicize our beauties on the banks of the majestic Juparani. In addition, the competition contributes to the training of new athletes in the modus operandi”, Secretary of the Portfolio, Fabrisio Lopes highlights.

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