Remaster performance is low compared to PS1

Remaster performance is low compared to PS1

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamer’s Edition The Digital Foundry Channel didn’t please analysts. According to the opinion released in the video, the remaster performed poorly compared to the PS1 original. Feather PS5The frame rate can reach 10 fps at certain times.

Since there is no version of the game dedicated to Sony’s next-generation console, the title was tested through backwards compatibility. To further complicate things for those producing the port, DF suspects that this is not a remaster, but a PS1 game running with emulation and minor improvements. check out:

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition was shown on PS5 and Switch. On Sony hardware, oscillations point to an oscillating frame rate between 15 and 30 fps when you opt for Classic Mode. In more demanding scenes, the number jumps to 10 fps. On PS1, 30 FPS is maintained during gameplay.

(Source: Eurogamer/Digital Foundry)

Digital Foundry also criticized Square Enix for the quality of the port. According to him, it seems that the publisher has saved time and has not devoted itself to making a worthy remaster, only putting in additional graphic mods and not creating anything new for fans.

No plans for a Chrono Cross sequel

Square Enix has revealed that it has no plans to produce a sequel to Chrono Cross any time soon, but hasn’t ruled out more projects involving the IP in the future. The publisher talked about the franchise as soon as the remaster arrived. see more details here,

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