Remove now: virus that steals bank accounts was found in 10 apps Technology

Remove now: virus that steals bank accounts was found in 10 apps Technology

The mobile application contained malicious software

One Virus
Able to steal bank credentials was set in Apps
Present in Google play store
Official store Android
. The discovery was made by security company Check Point, which issued an alert.

Named Clast 82, the intrusion code is not dangerous in itself. In fact, it acts as a vector, distributing to many others Software
They are malicious.

Spread across clast82 Cellphone
For those who have applications of the so-called alienboat banker. The program is used to hack bank accounts via cell phones, even overcoming security protection. Security
quite strong.

“The cyber criminal behind Clast82 was able to bypass Google Play’s security using a creative method. With a simple manipulation of easily accessible third-party resources such as a GitHub account or FireBase account, he leveraged resources to bypass Google Play Store security, ”explains Aviran Hazoom, director of mobile threats at Check Point.

Then he finds out Virus
, Check point advised Google
, From which rogue applications have been removed Play store
. Despite this, recommended for those who already have one of these apps is Exclusion. They are: Cake VPN, Pacific VPN, EVPN, Beatpair (in two versions), QR / Barcode Scanner Max, EVPN, Music Player, Tooltipulator and QCroder.

The check point expert still remembers the importance of being a good Antivirus
Installed on the phone. “Dropper’s ability to go unnoticed shows the importance of being a mobile security solution. Simply scanning the application during the evaluation period is not enough, because cybercriminal cans, and wills, can change the behavior of the application using available third-party tools ”.

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