Representative requests PF director to probe into luxury property in US

Representative requests PF director to probe into luxury property in US

Federal Police Chief Alexandre Sarava requested that the PF’s Department of Internal Affairs ask the organization’s general director, Paulo Mourino, to determine the origin of the funds used by Mourino to purchase a luxury property owned by him in Miami, Florida. examined.

The column showed that in just 16 months he paid off a mortgage of US$337,500, or $1.9 million at today’s exchange rate, that was used to buy the house, the existence of which was reported by reporter Alain de Abreu. .

The gross salary of PF Special Class Representative, Maiurino’s current hierarchical position in the corporation, is R$31 thousand. In net worth, it is approximately R$ 25,000. His partner, public employee Renata Veit, is Parliamentary Adviser in the Office of Deputy Baseler, from Podemos da Bahia from April this year; Its net income in October, with aid already in place, was R$6,200.

In the request, he cites the column’s report and states that Mourino may have engaged in the practice of washing or concealing goods, the fine for which could reach up to ten years in prison.

Myurino bought and paid for an apartment in Miami Beach for US$675 thousand (R$3.5 million) in 16 months. The financing was US$337.5 thousand, or R$1.9 million at today’s exchange rate. The expedient is unusual, because in the chosen modalities, Maiurino ended up paying more between bank fees and interest.

On the other hand, the operation receives less attention from the US financial authorities in charge of overseeing the origination of cash from cash purchases.

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Sarava was kicked out of Amazon in retaliation for the investigation by former Environment Minister Ricardo Salles.

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