Rodrigo Simas, Mariana Santos, Nelson Freitas and Robson Caetano reveal the strategy for the recap. famous super dance

Rodrigo Simas, Mariana Santos, Nelson Freitas and Robson Caetano reveal the strategy for the recap.  famous super dance

second stage of famous super dance, recap. The pair, who finished second and third in the first leg, are trying to get another chance to return to the competition. Rodrigo Simashandjob mariana santoshandjob Nelson Freitas I Robson Caetano He rehearsed throughout the week to present the choreography to the current pop rhythms on stage. Two of the four couples will return to feud and the others will bid goodbye to the reality show.

America background, he talked to gsho About the concern and strategy they will use to pursue this achievement.

Rodrigo said, “I’m fine, the anxiety hasn’t increased, no. I’m excited to do another rhythm dance. The strategy is to do a good choreography, stay safe and focus on having fun.”

“Anxiety is the same as always! I feel a mix of different emotions during this process. I think the main strategy, if any, is to once again let me go. It’s no use finding the right technique. Ho and don’t win over the audience and the judges, okay? I’ll try to fix everything and put in a lot of energy,” Mariana explained.

“I am in a good environment for this phase in Repechage. The strategy will be the same as in the first phase, when we did everything very cordially, with a lot of fun and excitement. I hope the audience really enjoys our performance. enjoys,” Robson said.

“Anxiety is constant. It is a conflict that includes everything that is sensation, physical preparation, rehearsal, exhaustion, fear, insecurity, synapses to understand and remember steps, movements, lead us to limit The strategy is not to pay a golden lion tamarind. If I manage to complete the routine, it’s already a win. I’ll do with what I have, but never forget it That what matters is the show, the charm, that delivers what you’re watching and cheering,” Nelson said.

“Whether you like it or not, it’s a contest. When you accept to participate, you automatically want to give your best! I always go on stage with my best at the moment, but I Do not panic, because I believe that we can never take ourselves too seriously ”, Mariana analyzed.

“Beatriz and I fell into the tough group of everyone, the first stage was a real fight. I did everything that was proposed and the choreography lacked courage, we actually danced forero and rock”, The former athlete commented.

“Whatever I do in life, I always do my best. Even with knee, lumbar and cervical pain, I go up and pretend I don’t see my limits. But when you turn the keys and start having fun, it seems that everything has a different weight, and I am more for fun. Paula Santos is also with me in this proposal, everything that comes is profit”, Nelson shared to.

Rodrigo said, “The most important thing is to have fun, but it’s a competition, so we’re focused. The thing is to have fun and be satisfied.”

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