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With a record number of women in the direction of featured films, it is appropriate to be nominated at the awards

Vittoria Campos | @camposvitoria (under the supervision of Yolanda Rees) Published on 16/02/2021 at 17:41

Presence of women’s names in categories of Best directionAt the Cinematographic Awards. On Oscar, For example, only five women were nominated in 92 editions (Lina Wurtmüller, Jane campion, Sofia Coppola, Catherine Bigelow I YesRetta Gerwig) I Catherine Bigelow There was only one to win the statue for Fight against terror, in 2010.

According to a study by San Diego State University of America The number of women in film direction reached a record in 2020. Identifying more women in this category is consistent and appropriate, as they did Golden Globe A historic event in 78 years of awards, nominating three women this year.

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The selection of directors with successful films during 2020 and 2021 and this year’s awards are entitled to prominence:

By Chloe Zhao Itinerant (2020)

Chloe Zhao, 38, is a director, screenwriter, producer and editor. He was born in Beijing, China, but was raised in London, England and the United States. It features critically acclaimed films, such as a syllabus taught me (2015) e Driver (2017). However, great success Itinerant(2020), winner of Swarn Singh No Venice Film Festival And competitor Golden Globe Of Best movie. This feature also indicates Best direction For Zhao. Your next movie will be The internet, gives Miracle.

Itinerant Brings an excellent character study while telling the story of Fern ()Francis McDormand), 60, and his decision to get into a van and hit the road, living a life outside of traditional society, as a modern nomadic, after his hometown in rural Nevada, America, collapsed financially.

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By Eliza Hittman Never, rarely, always (2020)

Eliza Hittman A screenwriter, director and producer is born in 1979 in New York, USA. It has a statue of short films and shows on major festivals. Best direction No SundanceFor Middle rat. Never, rarely, always Has 99% approval from critics rotten Tomatoes And this is one of his most successful films, being nominated in the main category Soul prize In 2021.

The film was sensitive and delicate in the way it tells the story of a teenager from a small town in Pennsylvania when she finds out she was pregnant. With this, she seeks medical help in New York with the help of her cousin.

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Panna fennel por Beautiful vengeance (2020)

Emerald fennel 35 years old and was born in London, England. She is known for directing, producing and scripting, but mainly for acting. Fennel Appeared in countless films and series Danish Girl (2015) and the third season of the series Crown (2016-present). still, Beautiful vengeance (2020) is his iconic debut in the direction of a feature film and competes for Best direction I Best script No Golden Globe, In addition to this many other awards were marked during 2021.

Beautiful vengeance Is about life Cassie ()Carrie Mulligan) is. With many sorrows, he goes to bars pretending to be drunk every night. When malicious men approach her on the pretext of helping her, Cassie Takes action and takes revenge from predators.

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Kelly Richard Por First cow (2019)

Kelly Reichard Is a 57-year-old American screenwriter and director. It has a minimalist film style and is usually shot in small communities. The director is a veteran in the world of cinema and has many features, such as some women (2016) e Meek cutoff (2010). First cow He made his debut at the awards and won New York Film Critics Circle Award Of Best movie.

The film tells the story of a cook hired by a group of men to offer their gastronomic services on a fur hunting expedition in the US state of Oregon. During a long journey, he meets King-Lu (Orion Lee), The mysterious Chinese fugitive from a group of Russians desperate for revenge.

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Regina King Por One night in miami (2020)

Regina king Was born in 1971 in Los Angeles and is known worldwide for his brilliant performances Golden Globe I Oscar What best Actress For If beale street can talk In 2019. King Decided to start off brilliantly in the role of director while performing A night in miamI am, And thus got a nomination Best direction No Golden Globe 2021.

One night in miami It’s about a fictional encounter Malcolm x, Mohammad Ali, Jim brown I Sam cook In a hotel in Miami in 1964, in which he celebrated a surprise victory but On Sunny Liston.

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