Roy Cain criticizes Harry Maguire and Marcus Rashford after England beat Belgium

Roy Cain criticizes Harry Maguire and Marcus Rashford after England beat Belgium

Roy Keane was less impressed with Marcus Rashford’s body language in the first half (Photo: Getty)

Manchester United captain Roy Keane said England had done well to beat Belgium from behind but criticized the performance of Harry Maguire and Marcus Rashford in the 2-1 win.

Belgium took control of the Nations League clash in the first half as Romulu Lukaku converted a penalty spot after a unique challenge from Eric Dyer at Wembley.

But Rashford scored a spot-kick to equalize before half-time and Mason Mount’s bouncing long-range strike gave Simon Mignolet a crucial victory for the hosts in the 64th minute.

Mason Mount celebrates his goal on England's victory over Belgium

Mount’s breakaway strike seals 2-1 victory for three lions (Photo: Getty)

Gareth Sae South Thaget admitted that despite the result going his way, his players at times suffered “pain” and former United and Republic of Ireland captain Keane claimed that he had improved on England’s poor decisions. There was plenty to do. ITV support Studio

Discussing the penalty in the 16th minute, Keane accused Maguire of “worsening the situation” by diving on Kevin de Bruyne, which Deere exposed to Lukaku.

Keane criticizes England players for making poor decisions in match (Photo: ITV)

He said: ‘We are talking about decision making, especially against a lot of good teams here.

‘Listen, [Declan] Rice had a wonderful night, I thought he was great, but here he confuses himself with making his own decisions.

‘He’s dragged into the ball where he doesn’t really have to.

Dragged to Maguire de Bruyne, exposing Deer (Photo: ITV)

‘When you make a mistake like this you hope your partner will help you but then it is mixed by Maguire, they have made a bad situation worse.

Maguire goes when he doesn’t have to go and immediately you think, “We’re in trouble here” because you see this guy, Lukaku, the big, strong, powerful player and you know he’s moving on. Is Dior.

“In a defensive position, your plan is to slow it down if you can and make it look wider, but Deere does the opposite.”

Keane says Maguire “made the situation worse” with his bad decisions (Photo: ITV)

Keane was even less impressed with Rashford’s performance and criticized Forward’s “body language” before the break.

“Rashford was going through the motions in the first half,” he added.

“I just want to make a point, Rashford, his body language in the first half, he needs to improve.

And then he started doing what he was supposed to do, running after people, coming forward, doing things quickly.

“Gareth Sa South should have said something at half-time, cut out this nonsense, kind of stand on the ball.

‘Pass it and run it, pass it and move and then, it was a great game between Rice and Rushford at the end but keep the game simple.

“Remember what you got in this England team and it’s going on people. This is your strength. ‘

England return to Wembley to host Denmark on Wednesday evening and are expected to return to the squad after Harry Kane starts off the bench last night.

Southgate insisted that Kane was not injured before the kick-off and that England captain Dominic Calvert-Levine came in the 10th minute, just moments after Mount’s winning goal.

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