RS Ports has the best two-month run in history with a handling of over 6 million tonnes

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SAO PAULO, 03/25 – This year the ports of Rio Grande do Sul recorded the best first two months in their history, handling 6,233,998 tonnes. By that time, the best performance in the period was recorded in the first two months, with 5,125,683 tonnes being handled, as reported today by the Superintendent of Portos RS. The data considers the ports of Rio Grande, Pelotas and Porto Alegre, in addition to the existing terminals in the port complex of the Rio Grande.

According to the company, the main attractions were soybean and wheat, which grew by 395.95% and 139%, respectively, compared to the same period last year. The following is potassium chloride, with a rate increase of 134.59%, and rice, with a positive variation of 99.89%.

The destinations of cargo exported through Rio Grande port are China (19.08%), Saudi Arabia (8.53%), Indonesia (6.68%), Morocco (5.72%), Vietnam (4.89%) and Portugal (4.35%). . Imports come from Argentina (9.60%), Lithuania (8.94%), the United States (8.53%), Germany (7.73%), Russia (6.90%) and China (6,75%).

Through the port of Pelotus, movement reached 208,285 tons, an increase of 13.50%.

The port of Porto Alegre reached the mark of 96,651 tonnes handled with an emphasis on fertilizers, reaching 66,880 tonnes in the first two months of the year. “Inventory 19,852 tonnes, with other shipments pulled by barley, together handled 6,240 tonnes, and wheat, 3,679 tonnes.”

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