Running out of space in your Gmail account: How to avoid it

Tu cuenta de Gmail se está quedando sin espacio: cómo evitarlo

Message ‘Running out of space in your Gmail account‘is visible on more and more Android devices. It’s not by chance, but it’s derived from a change that the company made a few months back google photos, Today we tell you why this message appears, what you can do to resolve it, and How to Make More Space Available in Your Gmail Account, you probably need Sanitary To give you a break, if only temporarily.

Why is your location expiring in Gmail?

On June 1, 2021, Google changed its strategy google photos More services added to Gmail email. Google Photos were not backed up in the past in standard quality space in your gmail account And it was limitless. That changed for the worse, because from the date we mentioned Everything You Upload to Google Photos Takes Up Space,

When you a. make up Gmail account Google gives you 15 GB free space on their server. Before June 1, these 15 GB were only used for Google Drive, Gmail and a few more. now comes into play google photos With all photos you back up until June 1.

Now that many users continue to use Google Photos as before, they face a small problem: all photos and videos from June 1st Occupy 15 GB spacewhich are slowly dying out.

Maybe you have been using Google services for years without space problems with these 15 GB, but things change when all the photos and videos you take with your mobile come into play.

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How to free up space in Gmail account?

It is very likely that you are using 15 GB Free Incompetently from Google. The funny thing is that you haven’t had a space problem yet. If you did, we have good news for you: you probably can. free up lots of space Occupy the things you no longer need.

Service google one offers storage Manager Which tells you how you’re taking up space and what you can delete. you can login from Here And take a look at the recommendations on this page.

Most likely you have a few GB occupied gmail email And many others for Google Photos. If you’ve never deleted emails from Gmail in your entire life, you’ll have a few GB for free with a simple click.

you can also Free up Google Drive space, If you’ve never cleaned it up, you may have some big, forgotten documents you don’t need. You might be able to scrape a few more MB of this service. Or GB if you’ve used it a lot before.

From the space occupied by Google Photos, you won’t want to delete anything, as these will be your personal photos and videos. Nevertheless, we recommend that you take a good look at whether You can delete very large files that you don’t need.

You’ll need more space in your Gmail account

If you use Gmail a lot and want to continue creating your backup copy in Google Photos, we have bad news: Freeing up space will only be useful for a short time, Sooner or later you’ll be using up to 15 GB of your Gmail account for free with photos from Google Photos.

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What if you can’t delete anything else and everything is useful? Or you start backing up your photos a choice of photos you pay for it More places on Google One, Big G has monthly plans that you can pay for to have more space in your Gmail account. They are as follows:

  • 15 GB: Free
  • 100 GB: 1.99 Euro/$ per month
  • 200 GB: 2.99 Euro / $ per month
  • 2 TB: 9.99 euros/dollar per month

However, these plans can be paid for annually to save some money. they have a problem too, As you store content, you will need a higher plan and you will pay a decent amount.

Forget Google Photos if you don’t want to pay

Of all the space-consuming Google services, Google Photos is the one that takes up the most space. if you wanna be yours gmail account with blank space It is highly recommended that you forget to back up Google Photos, at least if you don’t want to pay.

is one of the best options Amazon Photos, a free service for Amazon Prime users Unlimited copy, It has an application, the copying is done automatically and is a highly recommended service. Google Photos is better, but sooner or later it will stop being free to you.

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