Russia attempts to isolate naval allies and closes part of Moscow before protests

Russia attempts to isolate naval allies and closes part of Moscow before protests

A court of Russia It was determined on Friday (29) that the brother and several associates of the opposition worker Alexey Navalny Kept in Home jail. At the same time, Moscow police said that they would close the metro stations and roads near the Kremlin before the protests took place.

The court’s decisions are part of a rift between the opposition leader’s allies Vladimir Putin, Tens of thousands of people sought to join protests across Russia last Saturday demanding that the government release Navalny from prison.

Navalny goes to court via Vidolink and responds to the news of his accomplices’ arrest

Supporters of Navalny are planning more protests across Russia on Sunday. Authorities said they were illegal and promised to disperse them.

On Friday, Moscow police announced plans to close seven metro stations and several roads around the Kremlin, “due to calls for unauthorized meetings”.

Alexey Navalny on a plane at the airport in Berlin, before leaving for the Russian capital, Moscow – Photo: Polina Ivanova / passengers

Opposition politicians were brothers of Oleg Navalny, as well as Habisov Sobol, Anastasia Vasilyeva and Oleg Stepanov The house was under house arrest till March 23 to call for protests. Maria Allokhina, a member of the punk band Pussy Riot, was also placed under house arrest.

Navalny’s colleagues say they are being opposed to stop the activities, which officials deny.

Leading activist against the Russian government, Alexei Navalny was Arrested on reaching Russia on 17 January, Which accuses him of tax fraud. The opposing leader refuses, and says that he is a victim of harassment. He accuses the Kremlin of being Poison with substance novichok, Last year. Russian government, for its part Deny this version.

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