Sabrina Frederick surprised the fans by challenging them

Sabrina Frederick surprised the fans by challenging them

She has been a top contender since the show began, but AFLW’s Sabrina Frederick topped Tuesday night’s episode of SAS Australia.

In the opening team challenge, he was first blown away by the fans, where Team Alpha and Team Bravo had to jump out of a helicopter, get out of the cold water and carry heavy bags and run to the square point first.

When Team Alpha first got there, Sabrina showed how much she was on Team Bravo, running to help her teammate Jackson Warne.

But that’s not where it ended with Sabrina.

After a long challenge, leader Ante Middleton decided to put Team Bravo in another test after failing in the first.

Once in a dark room with some recruits, he tied them up as prisoners. His test was to survive.

Unfortunately, Jackson Warren and Erin McNutt failed to do anything.

Next came James Magnusen, Maric Watts and Sabrina Frederick.

Almost immediately, Sabrina finds out that this is a test where she has to survive, and as soon as she finds the clippers to break her cable ties quickly.

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Unfortunately, Sabrina did not think of breaking up with her teammates, much to the dismay of the staff, who initially found out.

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Regardless, fans were impressed with Sabrina.

Meanwhile, an instructor from SAS Australia has revealed that he was the most disappointed of the three Channel 7 celebrities.

Olly O’Leary is one of the four directors of the Channel 7 show, along with Mark ‘Billy’ Billingsham, Jason ‘Fossey’ Fox and Chief Instructor Ant Middleton.

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Speaking to, O’Leary pulled out three stars that she felt could offer more on the show.

“To be honest, I expected more from Eden (Daily),” O’Leary said of the Love Island Australian star. “It simply came to our notice then. I was a little disappointed in his efforts. ”

Daly has had very little screen time on the show so far, but last week she opened the Daily Mail and said she found the program challenging.

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“We all knew what we were signing up for – including being injured or having hypothermia – but when you get there it really hits you in the face,” he said. .

Where the other celebrity was disappointed, Olterton said: “The girl who lied … I forgot her name … Arbela (Del Buso).

“She (SAS Australia) ‘s process may have done her a good job, but I think she has found some ghosts that pushed her off shore and prevented her from going further.

“It was very frustrating,” Olterton said.

If you don’t know who Dale Buso is, he was previously in a relationship with NRL player Josh Reynolds and was accused of conceiving.

Speaking at SAS Australia, Dale Buso said: “I told my partner I had a pregnancy scan and I showed it to him and said it was ours when it wasn’t really our scan.

“Our relationship was coming to an end and I didn’t know how to deal with losing someone because I feel like I’ve lost my family members and things (before). (I was doing this) to try to get him back inside. “

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Allerton also pulled out another star, whom he felt was disappointed in the performance.

“Rocky (Jasenko) was terrible from the start,” he said of the PR queen who left the show just six hours later.

As far as he was most impressed, Allerton said it was a female contestant.

“Sabrina (Frederick) was very influential,” he said of the AFLW star.

“First, she stood by the badger and walked with him. We didn’t ask her to do that, she just took the toughest, biggest guy she could. She did what we wanted her to do but we didn’t ask her to do it. It was amazing, he got our respect for him. ”

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